8 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere Naked (15 Photos) Part 1

  1. Mickey Varco

    I just imagin that she would show more breast and ass in these photos’ just show off a side of her dirty self that some of us may really want, it’s all good that I get to see some of it but I just wish that she shown more, I do so love hayden panettiere.

    1. Bob

      Naked means no clothing. As in bare skinned. It’s nice to see her NEARLY nude.. but it’s not enough. I want to see MORE!

      1. klawick

        Except in the context of talking about photos, that is NOT what the term naked means to anyone who isn’t pathetically anal.

  2. Websters

    Stop posting things labelled ‘naked’ or ‘nude’ when they aren’t even CLOSE! Not only that, but these have been available for like a month now! Good god just fucking stop, you’re an idiot.


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