37 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Naked (27 Photos)

    1. Jessie Cantor

      What an incredibly dumb thing to say! First, I can think of more mature women I’d like lay with than younger these days. Second, you ever heard the saying, “black don’t crack”? (I’m guessing you haven’t because your a fucking block head). Gabrielle hasn’t aged ONE BIT in 17+ years. You’re an IDIOT!

    2. Scott Moulton

      Yeah, she’s gone from pretty to absolutely beautiful. With or without makeup. Dwyane is a lucky man

  1. jaydub

    The most important thing to remember is that god ,nakes no mistakes and he surely was on point with this beautiful black women,beauty and,brains the shit we all wish we had ever….man could ever want and love….simply put u r beautiful…..;)

  2. Angela

    She is Gorgeous Naturally ! Great work She is not Past Her Prime Haters! What the Hell your Criticism Ass Look like!

  3. Edwin

    Sucks that they got into her pics, but end of the day she looks great. Would suck if the pics were more intimate, but these are the typical types of pics girls/women take in their spare time.. lol.. Boredom pics and probably to share with a special one..

  4. Spankmaster

    Gabrielle is still good looking enough to play a teenage cheerleader with all the right moves, which is exactly what she did almost 20 years ago. Other than my usual stand back please, we have lift off, I am quite happy for this Nubian goddess to bring it on…

  5. Allen Johnston

    I`ve had a big crush on Gabrielle Union , for a long time .. & I hope she never cuts her long pretty hair .

  6. Mogo

    Beautiful, hot, sexy, clean Gabrielle.

    No ugly tatoos, no skank piercings, no cellulite, and she shaves her junk!

    Class act all the way


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