10 thoughts on “Frenchy Morgan Naked (9 Photos)

  1. Brazilian Boy

    She’s old but I’d like to have sex with her anyway! She loves showing her breasts and pussy, who doesn’t like a woman like that?

  2. The dude

    When a woman presents herself naked, I don’t complain. Then again, I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with you. My only complaint is that the full vag shots are kinda blurry. She never really shows the meat puppet, which I typically interpret as a sign of shame since I’m of the fundamental belief that the only thing that turns any woman on is exposing herself. They sure as hell don’t like looking at penises – found that out the hard way. (I’m just kidding, me too movement). I will just say that there’s nothing to be ashamed about. You see, ladies, the best thing about the internet is that men have now seen every type of vagina out there. We know what they look like. There’s no reason to hide yours anymore. And don’t worry – we are slowly learning that you don’t need to be paid back with a penis photo. Your reward is feeding off our rabid desire, isn’t it, you bad girls? Also, we all know now that something mysterious makes you horny, other than penises (binobo sex or something like that?) and we don’t think you are slutty when you video yourself peeing and post it on instagram. These days, we find that cute and hope you lose your inhibitions and show us something hardcore real soon. But back to Frenchy. Go ahead and unleash that bad girl. I remember seeing it once in a darkened crotch shot of you in the ocean that I brightened in photoshop. It’s meaty, and I like it. Thanks, but give men some credit next time – we don’t get off much these days on stuff we can see on the Discovery channel (though some of those survival chicks do have really cute booties), and we’re seeing dozens of vaginas every day. One of them may as well be yours, right?

    1. Chug

      “Playboy style”. Which is laughable because these are just cell phone photos in a 4* hotel from the look of it.


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