Farrah Abraham Sex Tape (15 Pics + Gifs & Video)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Here’s old-ish hot Farrah Abraham’s $1.5m sex video with James Deen as her partner for Vivid (2013). This was a good and not the least promo for her. Farrah Abraham is an American reality TV star, model, pornography actress. Born: May 31, 1991.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farrah__abraham/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/f1abraham


29 thoughts on “Farrah Abraham Sex Tape (15 Pics + Gifs & Video)

    1. Aygrownman

      And that’s only a child’s opinions… The thing you don’t know is that there was a lawsuit and she have confirmed she was somehow fooled to make this sex tape with that porn actor although she never wanted to make the sex tape with such a rude and wrong performer… Anyway, before post a comment just don’t criticize a girl and a mom at the same time just because she did a mistake she’s a good woman that’s for sure have a good day.

    1. ayeaa

      Honestly she said clearly she made a mistake making this tape with that dude and that company, basically she wanted to work with other person on this tape… So we all making mistakes don’t classifyby this criterion a beautiful woman, good mom and humble person you might understand this someday until then sunny days.

    1. ay

      No she’s not and instead of act stupid to criticize her you should realize the only wrong man was this porn actor fooling her to make this movie… Okay.

    1. Mr. ZZ

      Oh boy carefully at which side you be there were girls from a porn company that talked about a lawsuit to this James just because he haven’t learned first that you supposed to respect the people that you work with at your job and also other rude things that guy said about other porn’s girls… There’s nothing exciting about what you said as long as even Farrah talked that such a company tried to fool her making with this porn performer her sex tape while obviously she wanted to make with other company and another male … Honestly you should first learn to give a little respect her just cause she’s a humble and good baby have a good day.

    1. Grim

      Because back when she looked like this before turning into a plastic garbage heap. I bet anyone would have fucked her! She looks actually decent here. Now she looks hideous

      1. ok

        And you just adopted a stupid attitude writing rubbish which obviously they far from reality, but as a matter of fact you don’t know anything about Farrah’s life, and other girls lives except the daily’s shitty comments some young people write here… so smart have a good day.

    2. Vr4U2

      I can’t understand this either. I have the same thing with the Kardashians. Still today people want to know everything about them and help them being succesfull in things they do. Those people make them richer and richer. It really keeps blowing my mind. I would give shit to those prostitutes just because their dad was someone. But hey, they can live la vida loca. Sponsored by the people.

      1. nowdays...

        They rich because of their hustle and not because dad was somebody… Of course you as others only talk from the poor gossip and newspapers… But the truth is they be where they be only because of their work, passion and obviously because being themselves…

  1. Spamwhore

    If she would have taken it up the arse in the first place, she wouldn’t have become famous. Missed opportunity imho.

    1. ok...

      The only real thing about it at that time she was fooled with money to make this, but as she says this year she’s not the type of girl to like making a sex tape with such a wrong porn actor… She confirmed this so that’s wussup .

    1. Dr.W

      You don’t have to see nothing cool there, as she said she recently she did a little mistake trusting that company for that tape she firstly she wanted to make this tape with other man and obviously with other company that’s the truth hopefully you gonna realize this.

  2. Nastyfarrah

    Bitch is nasty and horrible person I hope she chokes on the next homeless mans dick she’s sucking.. PIG!!

    1. aymaa

      I guess a teenager who said such inappropriate things is more nasty. Also it’s not good to dare such wrong things to other people carefully. You and others browsers of this website gonna understand this .


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