Emma Watson Leaks Proof

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

We received a letter from our user with interesting research about Emma Watson leaks. Read more and comment if you have something to say!

Hi guys, thanx a lot for your excellent work. I especially appreciate your pictures / videos of the latest Emma Watson leaks. As there are still some guys who believe that the two bathtub videos don’t show Emma I did some research on my own.Everyone knows the birthmarks, moles, blemishes in the videos that match exactly the ones that can be seen in countless Emma pictures. Additionally there is the EXIF GPS data that shows the location is Clanfield close to Emma’s home in England. Could be the Plough Hotel where Emma and her Boyfriend possibly stayed at the time of the video shootings.However there are still some claims that the jaw/chin in the video does not match at all with Emma’s. That’s there my research started. I tried to find a picture in which the head could have the same position as in the video. I finally found one, turned it a bit and put the head on top of a screen cap of the second bathtub video. The screen cap is the one that shows the most of her jaw amongst all the screencaps. Then I adjusted the colour and brightness of the screencap a bit to match the head’s colours and brightness, cutted the combined picture and put it in a neutral background.Attached is my work with a comparison to the original picture. To make it clear that it is indeed a fake picture but one which should indicate the genuity of the bathtub videos.Would be very nice if you could send me an evaluation of my research and if you see it as an extra proof or just wasted time.

Thanx, best regards, Emma Proof.

94 thoughts on “Emma Watson Leaks Proof

    1. HappyBob

      Finally, someone here using logic.

      We’ll never truly know, although I’m sure her legal team knows as well.

      1. joe

        As far as I am concerned the second she gets her lawyers involved trying to get them taken down that is as good as admitting that they are of her.

  1. Garry

    There’s nothing sexy about this chick in the first place. I have no idea why she’s so popular. A very average loooking woman with zero sex appeal who’s been hyped up by media to be some kind of a sex symbol. I don’t get it.

    1. wawee

      Actually it’s the feminism shit. Being a femtard is the current ‘it’ and cool thing to do. Considering the media is mostly left leaning she gets rammed down our throats. It’s exactly what they did with Lena Dunham.

      1. Patrick

        you right wing extremists love talking about having things shoved down your throats.

        say hi to limbaugh for me, fool.

      2. Ben

        You’re really trying to denounce feminists and democrats for the fact that the leading actress in the highest grossing movie series of all time is followed by the media? And that an entire generation of males who grew up with a crush on her while that series was ongoing from their grade school days through college, only did so because when they hit their mid 20s a non classic stereotype for attractive in fashion would be popular for 18 months or so. That is your argument on why to put down a woman who’s had a job since she was 10 and was being recognized while her movie broke box office records. It’s your chance to take a stab at the political views of those you don’t agree with. Get a damn life and quit repeating shit you hear from fake news sources online to sound like you have a functioning brain.

      3. Mike Me

        I disagree,I’m right leaning and I think Emma is insanely sexy and has something intangible about her that makes her so attractive to so many. It’s hard to hold her being a feminist against her because she grew up in a bubble around rich super liberal celebs and the idea of feminism sounds good unless you really do unbiased research. Just about every ideology with an “ist” at the end of it is not good. Oh and how dare you compare her to Lena Dunham FFS…

    1. Bubbs

      And yet here you are. Maybe if you had the motivation to do anything other than FAP you could seek your own clicks for ad income

  2. Lagge

    I am pretty sure that it is Emma in the pictures. But this “proof” only shows it can be Emma not that it is Emma.

  3. Frogman

    Emma bathtub leaks confirmed! I’m a plumber and I was called to the residence of Emma Watson and her bathtub was indeed leaking I can confirm this, but thanks to the magic of silicone sealant everything is now fixed! I can also confirm she has a chin! Does anything else need clearing up or are we good?

  4. Shawn hargrave

    So the big issue for me is in the videos. In one video there is sound, the second longer one there is no sound. Why would someone remove the sound, well occums razor the person in the video talks and its not Emma.

  5. Bandit

    Well that settles it.

    We have this one down boys.

    We busted the case wide open.

    Thanks to the retarded detectives at thefappening.eu

  6. BigB555

    I still don’t believe it is real. Tits are too big, and nipples are too big. We have seen her nips both in see through pics and nip slips. They are nowhere NEAR that big. Anytime a series of pics or a video comes out that somehow conveniently ​always crops out the face…I am suspicious.
    Moles and birthmarks can be easily faked. Remember the “topless” pics of “Selena Gomez” that turned out to be fakes…Or rather, just some girl whose lips looked an awful lot like Selena’s…Those had all the same “proofs” you have provided here…And those were totally BOGUS!

    So, as much as I WANT it to be her….That ain’t her.

    Big B

      1. Shawnhargrave

        if its her why did the person who released the videos remove the sound from one of them? Obvious answer is the girl talked and it clearly wasn’t her.

        Remember people sell these videos on the dark web . So being able to sell a video that could be Emma Watson is worth a lot of money.

      2. klawick

        666…you literally just revealed to the world why you are so suicidally lonely that you self cut every night.

    1. gumbosoup

      Nipples change constantly. They can change from minor variations in temperature, or even menstrual cycle, and they change with age. Birthmarks and moles are easy to fake on pictures. Not so easy to fake on videos.

    2. Reaperman8807

      Emma tits are 32B, same size as the girl in the videos/pics. Also, her nips are that big too. Go look at the see-throughs of her in that red dress with the flower-like design all over it. Nips are the same size. It’s almost like someone took the nudes and put that red dress over them. Tits and nips are same size and shape in the red dress pics and nude videos.

      The only thing that I see that debunks it’s her is the belly button. The real Emma has a rounder belly button with a little bit of skin covering the top part. When you watch the leaked videos, the girl has a belly button that looks “stretched” vertically. But it’s hard to get a good look at the belly button. The video isn’t good quality and the best look you get at her belly button to compare is when her stomach is under the water. But being underwater can mess with how things look. Also, there is a little bit of soap/bubbles covering part of her belly button. But I’ve seen Emma lying down (see the movie Noah), and I’ve seen her stretching (look at some bikini pics for that). Her belly button doesn’t change shape or “stretches” to be not as round as the girl in the leaks.

      But as I said, the video quality isn’t great and she’s underwater. Plus some soap/bubbles get in the way. Moles, birth marks, and scars can easily be faked though. Just get waterproof makeup. Also, I was told that over in places like China or Japan, girls will actually get tattoos of moles. So there is another possibility for why the moles don’t disappear in water. And there are crazy enough people that will spend the money on surgery to look like celebs. I read a few times of people getting surgery to look like a Kardashian. Emma probably isn’t someone that someone would pay money to look like, but it’s possibly.

      Anyway, with all that, I’m about 95% sure it’s her. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t want to believe it’s her. Especially with all the fake nudes that have posted on the internet throughout the years. But other than the belly button supposedly not matching, everything else seems to match up. Unless someone really wants to be like her and took the time to do the research on her and put matching moles, birth marks, and scars on themselves. There are crazy enough people out there that really want to look like celebs.

      1. E.P.

        I only can second that. The red dress from the BAFTA event exactly matches the breasts from the nude videos. It’s also true that Emma has rather large nipples which also can be seen in the BAFTA pictures.

        I haven’t checked the belly button yet. Guess I will give it a try soon.

        The cropping of the face seems obvious to me. I guess her boyfriend tried to talk her into nude pictures/videos. “I miss you so much. You are away that often. etc”, “You have such a perfect body”.

        Emma might have resisted arguing that she is famous and there had been leaked pictures before. Her boyfriend might have argued that Apple closed the leak in the meantime. Maybe finally Emma (being sexed up by the stay in the Plough hotel) agreed or tried to surprise her boyfriend with the nude videos. Smart as she is (or she thinks she is) she only filmed herself with no face. That might have been a safeguard when either the videos are hacked or after a possible split with her boyfriend. Just in case.

        That might also be the reason for the sound turned off in the second video. Either Emma recognized after the first video that the sound was on and she turned it off. Or she realized that after filming the second video with some teasing words that she might be recognized by them. Then she might have deleted the sound from the second video.

      2. E.P.

        I did a little comparison. IMO the belly button matches quite well. What would you think?


        So in my opinion all the things that people said don’t match like the chin, the ears and the belly-button match very well if you look closer. As these are all things that can’t be faked with waterproof makeup I’m more than ever convinced that the nude videos are real.

          1. E.P.

            Good point. First I thought the same as you. Where is the “hood”?

            But if you look closer at my picture you can actually see it. As the belly-button is under water the hood shows only a weak outline with no shadow and is not that clearly visible. But no doubt the hood is there.

  7. EP

    As I’m responsible for the picture I’d like to provide some additional information
    1. The picture is not supposed to be a fake – let alone an artistic one – and I’m only a beginner with GIMP.
    2. It’s an answer to guys claiming that the chin in the video doesn’t match Emma’s.
    3. For the picture I didn’t do much with GIMP (only minor turning of face and size scaling) as i really wanted to see unbiasedly if the chin matches. And to my surprise it really matched without further ado.
    4. Contrary to common believe chins are quite individual. I tried to do the same analysis with other actresses’ face. Actresses which are similiar to Emma in age and size but I couldn’t achieve nearly as good results
    5. Together with the moles and blemishes, which are indeed stronger indications, I’m now 100% certain that the bathtub videos show Emma Watson.

  8. Kevin The Ear Expert

    Just to alleviate any lingering hope that these may be real… The shape of the human ear is as unique as a fingerprint and there’s absolutely 0% chance that this is Emma Watson. No hyperbole on that percentage either… there is literally no chance that it’s her. I sincerely wish that it were, but it’s not.

    1. E.P.

      I also did an ear comparison with the nude picture as you can’t really see an ear in the videos. It wasn’t easy as Emma’s ear is a bit squeazed with her head leaning back. I found another picture of here with a similiar head position.

      The ears look very similiar, believe me. I would rather see that as further proof that it is Emma. If someone tells me how to include pictures in a comment I can share it with everyone.

      1. E.P.

        I guess it’s ok to include links. Here is my ear comparison try.

        In the upper right corner I attached the chin from the leaked picture to the original ear from “Ballet Shoes” to get a better comparison.

        Feel free to brighten the ear up and comments are welcome 🙂


  9. CS

    I think the stolen photos are true because Emma Watson said that she will take legal action. Otherwise it would not make sense.

  10. Junkiepete

    Simple way to prove these to be fake is that all the leaked photos were taken down from all sites as she vowed to take legal action . The videos were not as she had no ownership rights to them as they are not her.

    1. E.P.

      That’s because of her or her lawyers’ strategy to deny the videos are real. That strategy is that as you don’t see her full face in the videos they might get away with it. People might believe it is not her.

      By forcing the websites to remove the videos (that by the way never works in the internet) they would admit the videos are real. So at least for the nude videos they try to avoid the Streisand effect.

      1. The dude

        Its for sure her. Dont listen to the morons trying to dissuade the truth from coming out. No doubt in my mind. Plus her actions prove she is more than comfortable showing skin and has demonstrated that many times ( the first indication of that were the photos of her running errands and pulling her long dress up to reveal her panties when she could have easily just walked quickly without having to sprint to where she was going. She clearly felt like giving everyone a peek) and also the choice of panties in another famous photo of her sitting in a car with a short miniskirt and very sheer fabric where her pubic hair can be seen. Neatly trimmed. Women actors who are wanting to be seen in a more mature and sexy way have done these things over and over and over. They grow up from child actors and want to then be taken seriously as sex symbols and prove to the world how theyve “grown up” and embraced the sexuality and fame it provides. Any everyone knows the easiest trick in the book is to just flat out deny it is them. Everyone does it. They leaked themselves or are hacked and know all they have to do is deny its them. It blows my mind how people cannot see these actresses are human anddo the same things any regular person would do to get some free press for nothing other than showing some skin, panties, a boob or two. What they will rarely show is full vagina. Everything else is acceptable these days and hardly any career killing leak and if anything gets them some free press and keeps the fanboys and girls happily buying and clicking. People are just too dumb to realize its really them like they are above showing skin like all human beings want to do from time to time. It is a boost to their career and almost expected these days. So get used to it and enjoy what these ladies want to share with us…..

    2. Bill Bo

      Please use logic for a second dude. Of course she was never going to claim the videos even if they were real. If she claimed them that’d be the same as telling everyone “HEY, those bathtub vids are me!”

      She was never going to claim them, fake or not. Your proof is illogical.

    3. turdsandwich

      If she takes the videos down she’s admitting it’s her and she knows millions have seen them already. She can’t deny the ones with her face in them.

  11. Gadget

    No, the nipples aren’t too big. If you think so, you haven’t examined the swimsuit pics carefully enough. Areola size obviously varies like crazy (like on every female ever) between the tub pics and the swimsuit tryout pics, but the actual nipples are large in both, and their lopsided positions match. As do all the moles, not to mention the bracelet, which she was known to wear around the time that these were taken. And if you think the bracelet and the moles were “photoshopped” into the damn VIDEO and not merely stills, it means you think they were 3D-animated and motion tracked, in which case you’re a blithering idiot.

    The real smoking gun though, IMO, is the foot. Perfect match in terms of shape, size and proportions of all the parts. If you don’t see this, you’re a complete virgin in the foot department.
    Rather than isolate yourself in a tiny universe where all that exists is the leaked material plus some reference photos of Emma’s feet, where you’re comparing ONLY these two and going “mmmm, still not sure”, try the following exercise in order to get some perspective: Introduce another girl to the mix. Go ahead, if you think the foot is too generic or too dissimilar or whatever, browse the whole damn gallery on Wikifeet and try to find ONE girl with the same foot length, width, toe size, toe length, nail shapes etc. Try any Emma lookalike you can think of. Try her body doubles while you’re at it. Once you’ve failed to find a better match (and you *will* fail), you’ll find that the oh-so-massive discrepancy between Emma and the alleged leaks that you perceived earlier doesn’t exist. She’s the Cinderella here.

    1. Reaperman8807

      The only thing that may debunk it’s her is the shape of her belly button. Emma has a circular/rounder belly button than the girl in the leaked videos. The girl in videos seems to have Emma’s belly button but a “stretched” version, and “stretched vertically.

      BUT the girl’s belly button is underwater and being underwater can mess with the shape. Also, the best look you get at her belly button is when she’s under the water. But the picture quality of the videos aren’t the greatest. Plus there is soap/bubbles getting in the way.

      And I have seen pics of Emma lying down. See the Noah movie as an example. Also, she has paparazzi bikini pics of her stretching while sitting up. In the movie and bikini pics of her stretching, her belly button doesn’t change to the “stretched” shape. It stays the same. But everything else seems to match. Other than the belly button, I’m about 95% sure it’s her. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t want to believe it’s her. Especially with all the fake nudes that have been popping up over the years. Hard to believe after this many fakes, that finally real ones have popped up. But yeah. Everything other than the belly button matches.

      1. Gadget

        No mismatch there. The belly button shape is all over the place. In the video alone it goes from ° to 0 to I to ° to – in a matter of seconds.
        If you take a hi-res version of the leaked pics of her in a white bikini and zoom in on the belly button, you’ll find that the base of it, the bottom of the pit so to speak, is a ‘standing oval’, consistent with the shape in the videos. The round appearance in other pics can be attributed to the skin at the upper edge casting a semi-circular shadow when she’s lit from above. Through water, with the light coming at a different angle, all you see is the oval shaped base.

        Here’s a pic where she’s lit from the front, no shadow issues:
        Here’s the shape it takes when she’s sitting, consistent with the tub video:

        So the belly button is a match that can be added to the mountain of evidence – correct proportions across the board, the moles, the lopsided nips, the birthmark, the feet, the GPS coordinates, the bracelet… the list goes on, to the point where it goes way, way beyond happy accident.

      2. E.P.

        I’d kindly ask you to check.


        IMO the belly button matches quite well. What would you think?

        So in my opinion all the things that people said don’t match like the chin, the ears and the belly-button match very well if you look closer. As these are all things that can’t be faked with waterproof makeup I’m more than ever convinced that the nude videos are real.

    1. Gadget

      Agreed. You can argue endlessly over the other stuff, but a large-ish birthmark with a distinct and recognizable shape, positioned east-southeast of the belly button, is a one in a million type thing, and it’s present in the video. If someone won’t buy that as strong evidence, they’ll either have to believe in some elaborate scheme where some girl willingly participated in the creation of a fake EW nude video and had the birthmark painted on her belly – or, they’d have to think that someone found a video of some no-name girl and had an Eureka moment: “Hey, she’d pass for Emma Watson! All I have to do in order to really sell it is to add her birthmark, which I will either painstakingly hand-paint into the video frame by frame, or I’ll rotoscope the vid and 3D animate it. Oh wait, it’s under water. I’ll have to replicate the movement of the water. Yikes. Oh well, see you in 3 weeks!” Occam’s razor says not bloody likely.

  12. FootLoops

    Junkiepete thats not a proof, all the leak where the person can’t clearly be identified are often still up because they can’t be clearly identified and making a legal action would confirm the identity of the person in the picture. Thats why jennifer lawrence took legal action, we could clearly see her face in multiple pictures.

  13. Bob

    For me it was the birthmark which made me believe it’s her. You can check it for yourself. Check bikini pictures, there is a birthmark near her belly button same birthmark can be seen on both videos.

  14. jonny

    If you squint you can’t see the seam in the photoshopped pic. Totally looks like one photo. I believe it. Also agree that she said she would persue legal action.

  15. Geoff Pisschips

    Do you know what I think would prove it? Emma Watson on Twitter saying yeah that was me in the bath naked… Until that point no dice!

  16. zippo

    who gives a shit, dont you fuckers have anything else to do than make a pseudo-science of verifying who the fuck is naked and who isn’t…..get a fucking life, breathe fresh air, get out of the basement and put your dicks back in your pants….

    1. Zippo is a hypocritical cunt

      “dont you fuckers have anything else to do? ” Says one of the most prolific commenters on this site. Get a fucking life yourself and take your own advice that you are so fond of giving everyone else and skip past the posts you are not interested in.

      1. zippo

        I’ll post as much as I want to and might even step it up……..I like looking at the chicks and liked looking at her so fuck you……who said I wasn’t interested in it……the damn novels people write on here show a tremendous lack of imagination…..oh and by the way…..fuck you

        1. zippo gets more retarded by the day

          “who says I wasnt interested in it” you are the one who implied people interested in it are losers with nothing better to do with their time and you have just show that YOU are the one with nothing better to do with your time. You might even “step up” your commenting? Now who has too much time on their hands? You have been shown up as a hypocritical cunt so do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

  17. Lol "proof"

    Cool, I too can take an image of a girl, resize it to fit the jaw below and call it “proof”. Only proof you have is that someone can cut & paste a photo. But in beaking news I have proof the titanic was torpedoed and did not actually hit an iceberg.

  18. wawee

    It’s her. Mole matches, jaw matches. She was smart enough not to say a single word. When average chicks make videos for their boyfriends they don’t sit their silently. They say things like “I love you, I miss you, This is for you, Fuck me daddy or whatever else girls say when they make these.

    So you have a girl with a matching jaw, matching marks making a video where she says nothing. She’s smart enough to know her voice is easily recognizable. The videos came from the same hacked pictures..

    So is some naked girl with a body identical to emmas going to put fake dots on herself? Yeah..no.

    1. Reaperman8807

      I’ve read of people paying a ton of money for surgery to look like their favorite celeb. So it is possible someone is a big enough Emma fan (and a creepy enough one) to put fake dots on themselves and try to pass as her or be like her. Emma just seems like an unlikely one because all the news stories I read about are people trying to look like a Kardashian.

      Not saying that this is what’s really going on. I’m about 95% sure it’s Emma. The other 5% is just because there have been so many fake nudes of her over the years that it’s hard to believe that real nudes have finally popped up. Only time they can become believable and stuff is if she did an actual nude scene in a movie.

      But yeah. There are crazy enough people out there that will take the time to look like their favorite celeb. Kind of odd to pick Emma, but she probably does have creepy fans somewhere out there, although most of them are men.

      1. E.P.

        There might people want to look like Emma. As others like to look like other celebrities.

        What I’ve never heard of is that someone wants to copy moles and birthmarks. I’d only heard of breasts, butts, noses or faces. And if you are such a fan of someone why would you want to harm him with a (fake) nude video? What I’d would consider more likely is waterproof makeup by an expert in order to produce a fake video. When he really must be an absolute expert as the moles and birthmarks look absolutely real and not painted at all.

        However if you leave alone the moles and just look at the body shape. I unbiasedly checked the jaw, the feet, the belly button, the ear, the breasts and the nipples quite thoroughly. They all match. That can’t be faked in videos.

        So just assume the videos are fakes. What needed to be done by the faker to produce the two videos.

        1. Study dozens of Emma Watson pictures to make sure to produce perfect fake videos
        2. Find a white girl with similar age and size as Emma. Make sure she doesn’t have tattoos.
        3. Make sure she has a jaw, ears, breasts, nipples, a belly button and feet that match to Emma’s.
        4. Convince the girl (with money probably) to produce a fake nude video
        5. Paint her with waterproof makeup to simulate the moles and birthmarks (no way he did that with Photoshop in the videos). Make sure to paint at least 5 moles/birthmarks at the exact position with perfect colour and size and don’t forget any.
        6. Find an online shop who sells the exact bracelet that Emma is wearing at the airport picture. I tried for a while but couldn’t find it.
        7. Let the girl shoot the two nude videos and the picture.
        8. Imagine a plausible location for Emma (backed by newspaper story) to shoot the video and change the GPS data of the EXIF.

        Sorry guys. 3. alone is not possible in my opinion. To find a girl who has a combination of so many matching body parts. What would be the odds for that?

        Come on. I’m really 100 % sure that the videos are no fakes and it’s Emma.

        1. Reaperman8807

          It is possible a fan could attack her by making nude videos. Emma has said in interviews that she won’t do random autographs and pics with fans when out and about. Mostly because the pics can be traced by GPS on mobile devices and she doesn’t want fans posting the pics on the internet so that stalkers or other fans to start coming at her and flooding her with wanting autographs and pics, or know where is she or going to or coming from.

          Emma will ONLY do random autographs or pics if she comes across fans she likes, mainly kids, especially if they are in Harry Potter cosplay and stuff like that. The other option is if she is at movie premieres for her movies and is signing autographs and taking pics with fans, or if she sets up something with a fan to meet them in private.

          But if you randomly come across her on the street and approach her for a pic or autograph that wasn’t planned ahead of time, she’ll “appear” rude and say no. Maybe tell you to eff off.

          So it’s possible a fan of similar body got denied a picture taken with her or an autograph and decided to get back at her. But that’s kind of going a little too far on saying it’s not her in the leaked videos. As I said, I’m 95% SURE it’s her. What I’m doing is kind of just coming up with the possibilities as to how it could possibly not be her. I try to look at stuff from both sides.

  19. John

    of course it`s her you dibs , why do you all think she let her lawyers loose on any site that published the pictures …. fake picture of Emma Watson are on every nude/porn site since she turn 18 and nobody botherd to take them down .
    if the picutre were fake she wouldn`t have botherd with them…no need for CSI analysis or other s**t like that , just think logic

    1. klawicki

      Hey dumb fuck…she had them take down the dressing room pics. She obviously admitted those were real.,

      If you think hte bathtub pics are her, I have bad news for you…suicide is in your future when you realize you will never get laid. Bad news for you..good news for society.

      1. John

        You`re a stupid idiot , How are you still alive? Have you asked yourself that? All the picture of the leak were her`s , she has fake pictures in the bathtub taking 2bbc and other sort of shit , why she never bother to take them down and now burns the whole internet down to take 4-5 pics of a person in a bathtub that don`t even show that much , think Kowlaski before talking

  20. ploki

    At least Emma Proof took the time to proof something…what have you done latley for the site…….

  21. OldPNF

    Thank you for the research! I want to see her naked, have a romantic evening, have an hour of foreplay, make her cum, and make crazy passionate love with her.

  22. Pappa Razzi

    It’s her alright.
    Besides all the identifying marks and matches, even including her jewellery and EXIF location, look again at the statement from her publicist –
    “Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen,” her publicist said. “They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”

    Nice and slippery.
    Of course we know that regarding the clothes fitting “They are not nude photographs.” it’s the videos and the stills of this session that everyone’s interested in, “…we are not commenting further.” in other words she is shutting down the conversation so no awkward questions are asked regarding these nudes.

    Why aren’t those bathtub videos/photos published everywhere if it’s not her ?

  23. Trump_iz_Boss

    I’m glad I’m not alone, the whole world wants to see this girl naked. There’s something about her!

  24. LAtiva

    I’m not convinced that bathub pics are hers. One of her breasts is much smaller and quite noticeable more higher than her other breast. But not in the bathtub pics. Those breasts in the bathtub are normal and equal looking. Also the nipples seem huge in the bathtub where Emmas pokies seem like small nipples in her pictures. I think some of the bathtub pics are hers though. Those are her feet

  25. Bushdid9/11

    Love that y’all are spending ur energy trying to confirm hermiones nipple so u can jack it when george w bush is walking around a free man, research chemtrails,
    Rest in peace 9/11 bush did it


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