10 thoughts on “Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski (4 Sexy Photos)

    1. wawawe

      Literal definition of a butterface. Everything is hot af on her butter face.

      I think it’s the nose/eye combo. Nose is a bit too pointed giving off a rat like appearance.

  1. pboi

    dumb asses…just because she’s a girl and has tits and a pussy, that’s why u guys think she’s a ‘butterface’.
    look in the mirror and not only will u see a ‘butterface’, but a fucking stupid ass, douchebag!!!

  2. s.smith

    Its too late for bikini pics,we’ve seen every inch of the outside of your body,now we want to see the inside !!!!

  3. AJ

    I have to admit, used to be a big fan of this beauty. All those butterface haters, go fuck urself. The only thing I find remarkable is that she once upon a time ONLY used to post topless-nude pics. For quite a while already though she’s only been posting these lame shit pics. It’s like she’s on a reversed Maitland Ward…. from naked to clothed. Such a shame. Still think she’s hot and still look at every pic posted of her. Just a shame she’s not posting the hotter pics anymore.


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