25 thoughts on “Ellie Kemper Leaked Photo (GIF)

  1. Xeenopeen91

    Stop posting .3 second vids/gifs of bullshit no one wants to see. Ellie Kemper is one of my hopes for the fappening, but when you tease us with this bullshit while your sitting there with the actual video we all know is definitely over at least 30 seconds long, it makes TheFappening not even worth anyone’s time to keep up with it. Sitting around hoping for a .3 second panty flash and a lick (or in your opinion blowjob) from a manly ass lookin mom and some Z list foreign celebrity nudes is just not how I or MANY other devoted fans would not like to spend our time wasting our time.
    Don’t turn into the faggoty ass fappeningreport.

  2. Bob Price

    Hey Xeenopeen, who is “no one”? You sure as fuck don’t speak for me. When you contribute something, you can talk bad about the people putting forth the effort to give you something for nothing. Until then, STFU you lurking POS troll.

  3. Xeenopeen91

    No one being everyone complaining you butthurt bitch. And if your the “poster” on this site your dipshit ass should know you’ve posted multiple OC from me in the forums.

  4. Xeenopeen91

    Go look who is the 5th most noted member on the forums (where the real contributors go) you fucktard. That would be me.

  5. Xeenopeen91

    Hah and your a 12 year old who literally can’t think of anything more harmful than the word fag. Emphasized by using it twice.
    go back to reddit where all the little kids hang and think they are keeping up with edgy shit, yet get butthurt when someone disagrees with any viewpoint they have on a subject.
    To bad you can’t down vote my post huh?

      1. Peter

        You are a disgrace to the name John Locke. Using such childish words as “fag” to offend people. Either change your name or improve your dictionary !

        1. John Locke

          Your name kind of fits. You are clearly a fag so it is pretty appropriate. You are clearly offended by the word “fag” or else you wouldn’t be crying like the little fag you are. I mean, really? How much of a fag are you that you “demand” that I change my name? That is the faggiest thing I have ever heard you little piece of faggy shit.

          1. John Locke Sucks Ass

            He tells you using fag is childish, and you use it 6 more times. Learn to read dumbass.

  6. Shallow

    Is there any “proof” that it’s her? Without a face it’s pretty much worthless and could be any other white girl in the world.

  7. Onyx the Fortuitous

    still better than the hundreds of judging eyes staring back at me from the pages of a stolen Victoria’s Secret catalog.
    I didn’t take your mail Mrs. pemberton! stop asking me that!


    Everyone shut up, Iā€™m 4 years late but I think we can all agree the xeenpeen is a fag, alright? Alright

  9. The KipTip

    Where’s the long vid? Idk bout this site no more you guys took down alot of girls including tia mowry (I’m furious)


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