8 thoughts on “Claudia Romani (14 Sexy Photos)

  1. wawawe

    when is this skank going to pull a maitland ward and do hardcore porn?

    She’s gotta be the back end of her 15 minutes. So nudity for another year then when she fades again it’s porn. This chick is a butterface btw.

  2. Mahal

    That’s the flag for the UK not England dipshit. Lesson one in how to incur the wrath of the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh.

      1. Mahal

        I was wondering how long it would take for a comment from some English cockend thinking they are better than the other three. The point I was making is the Union Flag is not, as so many people seem to think, the flag of England, which, if I was English, would piss me off too, it is the flag of four countries and the inhabitants of the other three, including English people who chose to live elsewhere, get thoroughly pissed off at being thrown in together with England.. Baring in mind that at sporting events, particularly football, England aren’t exactly very well liked by other nations whilst the other three, who, admittedly, aren’t good enough to appear at football events very often, are.

      2. St George's left testicle

        Get over yourself Steven. Unless you’re from the South East or London then I think you’ll find that the rest of England gets more subsidies than Wales, NI and Scotland put together.

  3. AJ

    The only thing Claudia Romani is a large Jay Leno chin. Italy is out of the World Cup for a reason, because they stink, just like this ugly whore.


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