11 thoughts on “Carol Decker Topless (2 Photos)

  1. Dr. Nigel

    Gingers should never reproduce! Never seen a ginger that was good looking. Freckles everywhere is fucking weird and disgusting!

    1. Mediatuner

      You’re a complete idiot. But it’s okay, keep away from real women. Just keep on wanking to CGI and photoshopped pictures.

    2. Langsmurf

      Thanks for insulting my grilfriend you dickhead.
      After 11 year i can say without a dought, she still rocks my world.
      So fuck off with your underdeveloped brain and be a good little boy…

  2. Spankmaster

    Dr. Nigel, you are totally fucked in the head to think that gingers are ugly and no good for breeding. I most of all will never think of a more ultimate woman, especially in sexiness and breeding, than a redhead who is quite capable and dedicated to putting men into a world of exquisite pain. Clearly, you have no taste and this fine ginger is someone I am quite happy to let her treat me like shit. So stand back please, we have lift off…

  3. Ian Dunking-Dick

    I’d sure like to get her chinas in my hand, if you know what I mean…

    By chinas I mean tits, just so we’re clear.


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