Blake Lively Naked The Fappening (8 Photos)

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Why people keep their nude selfies on the phone? Maybe Blake Lively will explain to us, because her naked photos was leaked after the iPhone hacking.

Leaked fappening private photos of Blake Lively for you! Naked actress Blake Lively made candid nude selfies on her iPhone in front of a mirror. As well, that Blake Lively’s intimate photos were stolen from iCloud.

Blake Lively is an American actress and model. Starred in the films The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The Town, The Green Lantern, Savages. Played the role of Serena Celia Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl.

The actress talked to hackers. After the publication on the Internet of a pair of quite decent photos Lively’s agent rejected all the attacks and threatened with court for fakes, and hacker immediately excited and posted the other candid photos: “And how do you wriggle out of this?”

Blake still denies any connection with photos posted, although fans found a lot of similarities. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of the actress, she only inflamed the fantasies of her fans. As a response to the attacks became Blake’s explicit scenes in Savages. It’s real.

Blake Lively Naked 001

Blake Lively Naked 002

Blake Lively Naked 003

Blake Lively Naked 004

Blake Lively Naked 005

Blake Lively Naked 006

Blake Lively Naked 007

Blake Lively Naked 008

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  1. Secret

    OUCH THAT COMMENT TO THE REP!!! Im sitting here in pure amazement! People are freaking out over this! And you’re sitting back making jokes! Your one bad ass mother fucker!

    1. Basicassfakename

      These photos are nottt new aha, that text was put there the first time the Lively photos were leaked something like 2 years ago i wanna say

      1. Spankmaster

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        1. Mr Ray

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          1. Spankmaster

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      2. Mr Way

        Don’t say such nonsense things, God is the only who can guide you on the right way soon or later you gonna understand that peace and love have good days.

  2. Don

    Couple of these pics of supposed Blake Lively look exactly like ones you claim are Kaley Cuoco. Obviously they can’t be both actresses. You better check.


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