43 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Topless (4 Pics + Gif)

    1. blowme

      if you don’t want them to post her, then DON”T CLICK ON THE POST! All you are doing is showing people will click on her name. If you dont’ want to see her don’t click she gets less views and they stop posting her.

      1. klawicki

        No…it says BILE WE. The T is upside for some stupid reason. So is the M.

        You may want to brush up on how mirrors work. They don’t only mirror certain letters.

  1. The Oracle

    This proves 2 things.

    1) Drugs are bad.

    2) Never get tattoos in places where you can’t see them being put on. Unless she is dyslexic, that tattoo says BILE WE and the artist did it like that as a joke.

  2. Gadget

    What foul manner of meth bukkake was unleashed upon this poor specimen?
    Oh well, at least she got the tattoo right. (It’s mirrored AND upside down, morons)

    1. klawicki

      Again to the fucking idiots…Learn how mirrors work. Please tell me, little worthless child, how a mirror would make the T and the M change while the others don’t.

      I honestly can’t tell if you were joking or are that stupid. Because if you are that stupid, it is a good thing you are still a virgin and will remain one your whole life. Otherwise, Darwinsim would have removed your DNA from the gene pool a LONG time ago. It is INSANE. You are looking at a picture where all the letters are correct except for two, and you say “IT’s a mirror!” Ewen a TWO YEAR OLD would laugh at you.

      1. Farbmueller

        Klawicki, you’re a prime candidate for most severe case of Dunning-Kruger effect on the entire internet. Rather than write rabid rants, why not just zoom in on the picture on your phone or tablet and HOLD IT UP TO A FUCKING MIRROR, since the vacant part of your brain that was supposed to handle geometry evidently can’t figure it out. Here, hold this upside down to your bathroom mirror and look at it:


        Notice how one of the rows changes while the other one stays the same? ZOMG it’s sorcery I tells ya, you fucking retard.

  3. God Is Satan

    Is that a upside cross on her forehead?

    Damn, these Illuminati Satanists have done a number on this little boy….I mean girl.

  4. Trial by Fire

    Sadly she looks like a young Charles Manson to me, and the hair is a shredded prison jumpsuit to resemble wig.

  5. Junkiepete

    Has anyone said ”meth is a helluva drug yet” ?
    It’s always exciting when a drug user can afford plastic tits.

    After pressure washing her down I’d tongue punch her vulgar fartbox .

  6. Shadowyfigure13

    I’d slay that pussy. Know why? Nah nevermind, no point explaining to a bunch of faggots why real men find women attractive.

    1. klawicki

      You DO realize that your comment pretty much proves to everyone just how alone you are, little virgin boy, right? It’s OK. Everyone already knows how sad you are.


    Bunch of fucking judgemental idiots here. TOO SKINNY. IMPLANTS. TATTOOS.
    Variety is the spice of life! Judge yourselves in the mirror and be honest most of you are TURDS WITH NO CHANCE WITH THESE WOMEN!


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