11 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Sexy (29 New Photos + Video)

  1. You. Yes, nearly all of you.

    “For some reason, it’s popular for commenters on this site to trash her. Sure, she’s more attractive than any woman I’ve ever laid a hand on, but I’m going to just be an idiot/asshole and conform like a goddamn mindless lapdog. So, here goes… Fugly. Would not bang.”

      1. Fuck you, Jimmy.

        Interesting way to react to a post about YOU posting the same shit every time.
        You must be a fan of irony.

  2. Chet

    I think it says “I Love OC” on her left shoulder which must mean Old Crackheads. That is one hairy monkey.

  3. Jaxx

    God, she actually looks… good on these. The BF’s a parasitic loser but there’s untapped potential for hotness in her if she only cleaned up her act.


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