20 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Sexy (14 Pics + GIF)

    1. YourMotherismyBitch

      Yet you are here looking at her pictures and commenting! Im sure I dont have to tell you that you are as pathetic as you are stupid!

    1. dannyfeld

      easiest way to fuck a celeb, get her on drugs when theyre young. that’s how random dudes got to fuck and ruined lindsay lohan.

  1. GrammarCheckr

    zit covered crack whore with metal boogers hanging out of her nose.

    how is that supposed to be sexy?

  2. Moobooz

    If it was possible to collect all of the grease from these people’s hair and skin you could supply all the McDonald’s in the world for a year.

  3. Baddog

    Does this crackhead ever take a bath? Dirty fingernails, greasy hair, acne. She’ll be doing porn in three years.

  4. S4M

    I’m only here for the comments, so don’t you fucking dare count my click on this page as relating to having ANY interest in this hideous creature.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Joey T.T. Showbiz!

    Her bf is a registered sex offender… dead serious look it up… she gave my neighbor a handy J and he finger blasted the her in 6th grade haha. His name was Michael Pittman Jr. He is a WR for USC now. Ask him on twitter or fb or Instagram. He won’t deny it, hell, she wasn’t a GIANT WHORE back then, just a slutty 12yr old haha


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