15 thoughts on “Bella Thorne (New Sexy Photo)

  1. Merkin

    Every fucking day with the Bella Thorn bullshit. Who fucking cares about this whore? WTMF. Are you secretly her stalker Crapper?

    1. Jaffykins

      To be fair, there hasn’t been a post about her since November 28th. It used to be almost every single day, but hasn’t been lately. Also I still do not understand people that click on something they do not like, just to bitch about it. The internet is a wide and vast place, yet people are drawn to things they dislike, like flies to shit. Don’t like = Don’t click. Really easy concept. I don’t go around clicking on all the people on here I don’t like. I say “oh, not interested” and move on. Someone needs to get a government grant, and study that. It’s very fascinating.

    1. Sisko

      Shes goes from looking beautiful to looking like a trainwreck. Must be the lighting, makeup and low quality camera that makes her look good. I bet in real life she looks disgusting. Like even though i want to fuck her so bad, id be too grossed out.


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