18 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Areola Peeks (14 Pics + Video)

    1. Beaver Patrol

      I’d love to fuck it (if your reading Bella). Time to show that hairy beaver Bella. The people NEED to see that stinker.

    2. JD

      Yup. I don’t do drugs but I feel like I’d enjoy doing coke off her body during it. Probably would be required. And I’d do it.

    3. Duke Gibo

      All these celebrities that gets hung up with taking selfies all the time you’d figure they could afford a good smart phone that takes clear fotos, jeez my phone takes excellent fotos. There is no excuse except maybe she is an all out teaser but! to tease like this is a turn off!

  1. RelentlessOnanism

    1) Lose the nose ring.
    2) Stop taking meth.
    3) Have a wash.
    4) Go back to your natural red hair colour.
    5) Start doing loads of nude scenes.

    That would all be nice.

    1. Wha DaFAQ

      Shouldn’t have had sex with Bella Thorne dealer boyfriend! Was the free and cheep meth really worth it considering the outcome?

  2. I vote Bella

    The real debate to be had is who is number one. Whether its Bella Thorne, who is a dirty stinking hairy cock sucking sexy whore. Or Emily Ratakowski, who is not.

  3. i think i have herpes now

    maitland before bella because we know maitland showers and at least you dont have to deal with the fucktards bella hangs with

  4. Drunken Stepfather

    I find Bella Thorne so ugly…

    I mean sure, she’s got a solid set of big tits…but that’s not all that impressive. There’s a 5 percent chance her tits are real, and 95 percent chance they are bolt ons, that even the most gutter hooker can afford to get, so that when they are on some Disney Kid who makes more it’s not like she even had to work for them.

    I didn’t mind her hustle in the beginning of her hustle, you know a young Disney kid being a slut, breaking down in front of everyone to see, sexualizing herself the way all women do at some point in her life…but like anything it got old, boring repetitive fast and with that came “we’ve seen it and don’t care”….

    The weirdeness wasn’t weird enough, wasn’t interesting, and even when she dated her crackhead boyfriend, they weren’t some cool young couple you wanted anything to do with, the just looked like they stank…

    The good news is that she apparently DUMPED the leech mooch fuck at COACHELLA as nothing in life is forever, especially when you’re some unstable Disney kid with no dad, whored out by your mom, and molested along the way….

    The other good news is that she’s still into showing her tits, cuz even when someone is a piece of shit, I am totally find with staring at their tits…real or not…it’s all the same for me and my pervert ways…

    The only thing I want to see released by her in her mentally unstable ways is a sex tape, a greasy, slimy, looks like is smells sex tape..cuz the one thing I like more than tits, is pussy….and seeing a pussy performing always upgrades a bitch to a higher level…so that I hold her in higher esteem cuz she deserves it for giving us her best…

    But when it’s just tits we’ve seen, it’s like step it up and stomp the yard you fool…

  5. Fauve

    You people are horrible. Let the girl live her life. Who are you to judge you think her pussy stank? Bitch so what? You probably got pervert dick cheese ouzing out your chode of dick. Before you judge others take a long hard look in the mirror. Everyone makes mistakes . Its what you do with the lesson that defines you as a person.
    As for calling her a meth head. Who the hell knows where your info comes from but regardless thats none of your business. Everyone has something they use to escape the stress of their lives. And if you think your gonna make me believe that crock of shit “i dont do drugs im a good Christian” GUESS WHAT BITCH!!! THATS your drug. (Your religion is your escape)
    Y’all need to chill man. All extra for photos that arent even Riské lol


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