Bella Hadid Sexy (25 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Bella Hadid rested on the Malibu beach with a man, 07/04/2018. And he’s not the Weeknd! Seems, Bella Hadid (21) copied her old sister Gigi (23) and decided a bit for a holiday. The paparazzi caught the model on Malibu beach. There she was not alone, but with a group of friends. By the way, one of the guys was always hanging around with Bella, they went swimming together.


7 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Sexy (25 Photos)

  1. barry berry

    Bella is beautiful but I don’t think she’s “pretty.” Naomi Campbell is incredibly beautiful but I don’t think she has an ounce of soft “prettiness” to her. Hailey Baldwin is beautiful but not pretty at all in my opinion. For me a girl HAS to be pretty {along with being beautiful.} I would not be attracted to Bella at all because she is NOT my type. She’s beautiful {like a museum.} Cindy Crawford {in her heyday} was soooooo pretty. She was beautiful yes but she was so soft and pretty. {I think her daughter Kaia is beautiful but not nearly as “pretty” as Cindy.} Christie Brinkley {in her heyday} was very pretty along with being beautiful. I would take one {young} Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley over 1,000 of the Bella Hadid or Naomi Campbell types……………Of the young models the only one who has that “prettiness” {and this is difficult to admit} is Kendall Jenner. There are times when Kendall can have that “soft” really pretty look………….for me. If you don’t have that FORGET ABOUT IT.


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