18 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Sexy (13 Photos + Video)

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    Yet still better than any girl you will ever get in your worthless life. And you can talk all the bullshit that you want to, but we both know that if she asked your pathetic ass to fuck her, your pants would be down around your ankles faster than you can even register trying to get hard enough to even try to put it in her. So save your “she’s ugly” bullshit for someone who might believe it because any straight guy would die to have a chance to dick her down all night long

      1. Subject matter expert

        Spoken by the authority, subject matter expert, and author of the “Gayness for Faggots” text book the autobiography of AJs pathetic life.

  2. fap

    forget about it she’s a moslem so well never see her nekkid not that i hate moslems but theyd rather die die than go nekkid in public


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