Ashley Graham Looks Like A Sexy Hippo (41 Photos)

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Ashley Graham is seen doing an usual photoshoot on the beach in Miami, 03/14/2018. The 30-year-old plus-size model showed off her big natural boobs, cellulite ass and legs in black bikinis and white swimsuit during the photoshoot. If you keep only her top, it’ll be fine.


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49 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Looks Like A Sexy Hippo (41 Photos)

  1. Fox

    So the idiot writing the headlines is the same idiot that always posts dumb crap at the bottom of every comment section?

    1. Yeah he is

      Yeah, but we all know the real reason is cause he’s a closet homosexual and is pissed about it so he’s projecting that anger onto women. He really should just come out the closet.

  2. Frustrated

    Seriously the bloke writing these new headlines is an absolute fuckwit piss him off. This site was good now it’s just frustrating see this shit…

  3. bstrd

    what a morron.. post the last days each day pornstars… and now this headline. can anyone stop this crap of sh… ? : )

  4. Hell no!

    The fashion industry is run by gay men.
    Gay men use androgynous women, anorexic women, or fat women like this.
    They haven’t got a clue what a sexy woman is.
    Porn is run by straight men.

    FAT is not sexy!
    Never has been.
    Look at the state of her FFS!

  5. Greg Fear

    The same admin who thinks anorexic crack whore Bella Thorne is hot & sexy thinks Ashley Graham looks like a hippo. Yeah, umm, okay.


    Don’t just standaround taking pictures of it, someone help that poor beached creature back into the sea!

  7. The Oracle

    The same admin who thinks anorexic crack whore Bella Thorne is hot & sexy thinks Ashley Graham looks like a hippo. Yeah, umm, okay.

  8. RonDondo

    Guys, if you want to stop that kind of shit, dont’t visit this site anymore.
    It’s just simple and primitive click-bait to earn money for advertisement.
    The only way to get the admin to reconsider is when nobody clicks on Posts with stupid headlines or porn stars or whatever.

  9. Spooky

    No hippo here. Yeah, she needs to get in shape,but she looks much better than some of the self mutalated women so often seen here. And this girl has such a beautiful face.

  10. wawawe

    That’s the problem with kids today. In an emergency they would rather pull out their phones and take pictures wanting likes and shares. Someone should have saved that beach whale, not stand there taking pictures of it. POOR THING!

  11. DixieWrecked

    Nothing more unappealing than HD, rippling cellulite. I mean.. she’s hot, from the tits up. The rest of it needs work.

  12. Street Roots

    Hippos are ugly, grey, thick-skinned, have ugly hair and they throw their shit when they shit
    But she has disgusting fat legs and pretty face I would lick her pussy so bad and asshole too and I don;t want to even taste hippos asshole

  13. Felix

    I love curvy women, I really do. But Ashley is neither curvy nor sexy…she is just fat and ugly. Sorry for telling the truth gentlemen.

  14. AJ

    Your stinking fucking MOTHER looks like a Hippo you fucking asshole Crapper Craphead Crapster. This i is one fine thick specimen of a woman. Crap refers to SHIT so at least that whoring mother of yours gave you the right name, ASSHOLE. You are getting more a fuckhole day by day, shithead.

  15. Austin Powers

    They need to keep dumping buckets of water that beached whale to keep it hydrated. Poor thing 🙁

  16. exelis

    OMG… I’d hit that as if with the fist of an angry god. …well, if I wasn’t married, anyway. You virgins calling her a hippo, or fat, or gross… Fuck y’all. 1) You’re wrong, and 2) Enjoy being a virgin.


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