20 thoughts on “Alison Brie Sexy (18 Photos + Gif)

      1. klawicki

        Maybe not 50, but she looks considerably older than she is, and much older than she usually looks. Both the hair and that just plain odd outfit are terrible on her.

  1. Turlough

    I used to think she was really gorgeous (and she’s still pretty hot, to be fair), but she was a lot, lot nicer before she did this wrestling show and lost all that weight. You see pictures of her from only a couple of years ago and she was much curvier and much sexier.

    Having said that, I would still knock the back out of her if she let me…

  2. Nailed it!!!

    She looks like she’s at a promotion party for her series of 90’s workout videos and thigh master workout equipment. What or who in the world could of made her think this was an acceptable way to leave the house………………..I know, it was her mom!
    She probably had nothing to wear so she barrowed her mom’s clothes and had her mom do her hair, that’s the only explanation! Nailed it!!!


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