Alexis Ren Sexy (6 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Check out some sexy photos of Alexis Ren from Instagram (June 2018) + bonus flipped Photoshopped image from this post. Alexis Ren is an American model, SI star, and social media personality (12.6m Instagram followers).

Alexis Ren was born in a family of a lawyer and nutritionist. Alexis began her modeling career with Brandy Melville. A thirteen-year-old girl worked as a model for small projects. A year later, Agency Nous notice her portfolio. The result of the first commercial contract was participation in shooting for Seventeen magazine.

However, the real recognition and popularity to Alexis came after working with the famous American fashion photographer Lucas Passmore. The candid photo shoot won the hearts of fans and the number of followers Alexis increased significantly.


9 thoughts on “Alexis Ren Sexy (6 Photos)

  1. Sheldon

    The last pic, finally something fapworthy for the first time showing herself off.
    Still sad some asshole agent/ manager told her to fuck with her face and mutilate her tits. She was beautiful and fresh faced and would’ve got hotter with age.
    Surgeries don’t get better with age.

    1. Langsmurf

      I couldn’t have said it better. She’s done for the rest of her life.
      I’m not even trying to fap on this one

  2. Severin

    Porn recruiters really need to step up their game. If they had found her first…. I mean, just imagine the possibilities, not to mention the likelihood that she would escort. Hell, it’s possible that she’s available to VIPs right now, but even if that’s true I know that her clientele would be extremely exclusive. I sure as fuck wouldn’t have the pull to get on that list.

  3. trump isanidiot

    Girl loves to travel. That’s for sure. She’s probably hit every nice beach this side of Hawaii.

  4. Brad

    She totally ruined herself with tattoos, fake boobs and all that crap that did to her face. She was stunning till 2 years ago. 🙁 Now she looks like a cheap american porn actress. It’s so sad. Why Alexis, why?


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