9 thoughts on “Alexandra Stan Sexy (42 Pics + Gifs & Video)

    1. Same dope, same questions, still no clue.

      Hahaha. Still whining about essential information on a porn site. Hey douche, it’s apron site. You look at the pictures cuz not much else matters. What a friggin loser.

  1. Dorba

    She s natural, maybe she wore a push up bra for the video. But god damn it fappening, from all the recent photos of her, including topless, you picked those

  2. Doug

    @Same dope, same questions, still no clue.
    Heh, whats “apron”? This website is about aprons? Is Alex wearing an apron? Because I dont see any. Shes just wearing those butch lesbian man hating mommy-needs-to-work-she-cant-have-any-fun-because-she-is-protesting-some-social-injustice-people-will-forget-about-quickly jeans that were popular 30 years ago which is a total turnoff to me


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