22 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario & Kate Upton Sexy – The Layover (2017) HD 1080p

    1. Lee

      Just in case you dont know, sexually frustrated loser, shes not a porn star, shes an actress, go somewhere else. You cant ask her to go nude again bc she wont

      1. Henry

        Lee, women in hollywood literally earn their fame by being nude. Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, all of them. It they want to be big they need to act like prostitutes. Which they are.

        1. JB

          Wow Lee, you really no nothing about show business or how women think. AND to put the icing on the cake, you’re white knight-ing on a fapping blog. Extra retard point today buddy

      2. wawaweewa

        Shut up you feminazi faggot. She’ll do what we demand her to do because she’s a woman and that’s what women were put on earth for. That’s to cater to men.

        Now since we have demanded her to pull her tits out she better do it.

  1. Harry Renquist

    There’s nothing better than when a woman is getting fucked in her ass and she flips her hair back! I LOVE IT!

  2. Sheldon

    Why do people think Upton can act? She can’t.
    Daddario is barely passable at acting, but gets by because she’s really hot, and Upton ain’t got sh$t on her.

  3. wowthanks

    Im really sad about Daddario. Why she’s in this movie. Shes fucking gorgeous. Upton is just a fat cunt with ugly face and figure.
    If thoose two stand right in front of me and i have to choose, do i fuck Upton in every hole forever, or fuck Daddario in a mouth once, i choose Daddario just to see her beautifuly creepy eyes staring at me when i force my cock down her throat.
    Im hard.

    1. wawaweewa

      Every single average faced model got way mopre popular than they should have solely due to her big tits.
      This chick has a pig nose and a boxy torso.


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