Suki Waterhouse: Keeps Music Evil (57 Photos)

Actress, model and The Fappening Star Suki Waterhouse cleans out her car and pulls out a script for Daisy Jones and The Six, in L.A. this afternoon. She displayed her legs wearing short shorts and wore a black tee reading: Keeps Music Evil!


6 thoughts on “Suki Waterhouse: Keeps Music Evil (57 Photos)

  1. Chester

    I’m beginning to think Suki is a little “off.”……….Suki made a record or a recording. Whatever. Back in the day they were called “45’s” or singles and there would be an A side and a B side. The “hit” would be the A side and some other song would be the B side but what happened occasionally was the B side would end up being more of a “hit” than the A side which was pretty exciting. Suki’s recording sold something like 137 copies. I shit you not. It sold way under 1,000 because I remember seeing this and I felt bad for her but at the same time I thought “this girl doesn’t have a fucking clue.” Today, with the internet you got people who picked up a guitar 3 weeks ago making a recording. Back in the day you had to be good before you even got near a recording. Now………..some guy down the street who plays a little guitar on the week-end makes a recording or does some stupidity on Tik Tok. So Suki’s recording sold something like 137 copies {which is embarrassing.} Suki dated a couple of London rockers before she dated Bradley Cooper. I think Suki believes because she dated a couple of rockers……….she’s a musician and because she dated a few actors she’s an actress and who knows maybe she dated a poet or two so she writes poetry. Not sure if that is in fact true and not sure Suki realizes this.


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