13 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Topless Leaked BTS (3 New Photos)

      1. God

        Don’t bother. “Truth” AKA “Georgia97” AKA “Andreas” has never seen tits that weren’t on the screen of his mom’s laptop. He has no idea what real women look like.

    1. Vandal

      If you call that chubby I wonder what you consider skinny I’ll have fun with her while you have fun with your hands

  1. Sloth5991

    Selena must have the most valuable and sought after breasts in show business. Because while we’ve come so close, we’re still so far away. She is the person who most showed her breasts at the same time without showing anything.

    1. The REAL Fame Whore

      On the contrary, she’s already ran-thru most of young Hollywood,

      including rappers and ballers. No decent celebs will touch her now.

  2. Chester

    Matronly……………Selena’s “fans” can’t handle the fact and the reality that she’s average {at best.} That’s how it is with the Disney crowd. People still fantasize about them as if they were 17 when they’re 27. It is called “euphoric recall” or “believing what you want to believe.”


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