10 thoughts on “Paris Jackson Looks Fierce Attending the Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show (81 Photos)

    1. The REAL Fame Whore

      Her Pops raped kids so there was worse things she coulda done with her time, I only rape grown women myself

      1. custard

        Y’all act like she’s actually a Jackson…

        This blue eyed WHITE ho trying to be Bella Thorne’s shadow is NOT a Jackson… fact.

  1. The Real Rick James Brown Jr.

    If by “fierce” you mean disgusting, yes 100% Poor girl, no amount of tattoos are going to fix your messed up childhood. Some cbt therapy will be much more effective than another doodle on her body.

  2. ALzo

    Crapper is complete scum. Booby trapping the fucking comment box with pop-up adverts?
    I hope the 0.001C ad revenue it generate as worth it dipshit, because I’m done with your site.


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