9 thoughts on “Nina Agdal Poses on the Beach (4 Photos)

  1. Fuck You Crapper, Fuck You Right in the Ass

    Less is more, your worthless shit licker.

    One good set better than 5 batrillion shit ones.


  2. Wendell

    She’s fucking weird. This girl. What do I mean? Just what I said. She’s fucking weird. All those people out there are weird. Ever been out there to L.A.? Malibu? Ever met any of these people? {NYC too.} They’re weird people. If you ever hung around Nina Agdal or Cara Delevingne or Cara Delevingne’s friend or the Hadid’s or Emily Rat and her friend’s or the Hamlin sisters or Kaia Gerber and her brother Presley………..if you were a fly on the wall and spent a week-end with these people {Ashley Benson and her rapper boyfriend and Halsey and the Qualley sisters} and all of these people when you left after being a fly on the wall all week-end you’d be muttering to yourself, “these people are fucking weird people.” I promise you. Most of these people are odd people. I’m telling you and that includes Nina Agdal {who used to date Leonardo who I guarantee you if you were around him a lot you’d think he was a little “different” too.}


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