Natasha Liu Bordizzo Nude & Sexy Collection (31 Photos + Videos) [Updated]

Check out Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s photo/video collection from Instagram and various shoots, showing her small tits and sexy legs + screenshots/edits from “The Naked Wanderer”, “The Society” and “The Voyeurs” with hot and nude scenes.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Chinese: 劉承羽; pinyin: Liú Chéngyǔ; born August 25, 1994) is an Australian actress and model. She made her debut portraying the character of Snow Vase in Netflix’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”. In 2019, she portrayed the character of Helena in Netflix’s “The Society”.


Natasha Liu Bordizzo Nude

Natasha Liu Bordizzo Nude & Sexy Videos

‘The Society’

Natasha Liu Bordizzo does a similar underwear scene that shows off how hot she is.

‘The Voyeurs’

Natasha Liu Bordizzo is disrobing to go naked, showing her butt from behind as she hangs up the robe and then steps into a bath at a spa, accompanied by Sydney Sweeney. Natasha then watches as Sydney also disrobes, showing side boob from behind.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo is being watched through an apartment window as a guy drops her skirt, revealing blue thong panties. The guy then carries her to a kitchen and places her on the island, lifting her hips to show her butt from the side as he slides her panties off and then has sex with her while standing between her legs.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo is walking into a bedroom in some sexy lingerie consisting of a golden bra and panties along with a blue garter belt. She joins a guy in bed, laying down in his lap as we see some of her butt from the side in her thong panties. She tries to seduce the guy, but he leaves the room and Natasha lays down on her back on the bed.



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