Maitland Ward Nude – Mainstream Actress To Pornstar (28 Pics + Video)

Maitland Ward continues her journey in the porn industry. Today we have another hard sex video with Manuel Ferrara, “Mainstream Actress To Pornstar” (2019). It’s time to Gang Bang!


Maitland Ward Anal

Maitland Ward Nude


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35 thoughts on “Maitland Ward Nude – Mainstream Actress To Pornstar (28 Pics + Video)

      1. Sjohn

        Its coke more likely than not ya fucking retard, they literally have doctors on porn sets and get tested multiple times in the days and right before doing bareback scenes

    1. Learn what words mean before speaking an opinion

      Mainstream actress only means that she was an actress in some mainstream production, which is exactly what you just described. It doesn’t mean she’s a star or A list or B list or C list or even D list. Your comment is as stupid as bitching about calling a NFL bench warmer a pro football player. It’s impossible to overstate how stupid your comment is.

    1. Jebus

      That’s not the only thing getting stretched! Heyooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

      If that first pic is any indication, looks like she’s on the road to buttplay and even more stretching!

  1. The Oracle

    The drugs are clearly taking their toll on her. Looking damn near anorexic which is making those fake tits look even more fake. She better start doing anal soon, otherwise her porn career will be about as successful as her “mainstream” career was.

    1. Jebus

      It’ll happen. She started with sexy dressing, then showing her nipples briefly, then a flash of pussy, etc. Every few months she’d take a step further. Now she’s taking a thumb in her ass, within a few months she’ll be using a dildo, then it’ll be some dude ass fucking her.

  2. Killian James

    Not much self-respect left after burning that coal. Definitely looks like she is on a main-stream diet of crack now. We’ll be reading about her overdose death shortly.

    I did really look for a F to give about her, but after she had threaded carbonized pipe, I simply couldn’t find one.

  3. D

    i love this woman, she is really entertaining with her cosplay and i love that she is saying to hell with convention and making money having fun with porn

  4. FapBoySlim

    Pic 25 reminds of my grand-granny sucking me off at age 9. Now at 99 I can finally relive favorite part of my childhood thanks to this site.

    1. Spankmaster

      Actually, have to get pounding elsewhere cuz spunkmeister is miserly with his tiny unit. No problem, I’ll just take my business elsewhere. Next time you need a search party to find that tiny cock of yours, don’t call me.

      But I digress, got a great ass pounding from a real man….grrrr….stand back…we have lift off……

  5. dude

    She’s already done interracial, she’s already done anal….more than once…..shes obviously far down the coke path, all of this is on video and you can watch the deterioration…..remember back in the day she used to post about her workouts and whatnot to get fit for the cons, now she’s doing lines to get ready for the cocks.

    Stop asking for things she’s already done, it makes you look ignorant

  6. Patriot1

    She’s basically a has-been bit part actress who needs money to support a drug habit. Nobody in their right mind would do what she does. Heck, bit part actresses like Patricia Blair and Barbara Luna were more well know than this skank. They were much better looking too.


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