Laura Donnelly Nude – Outlander (7 Pics + GIF & Video)

Laura Donnelly’s nude pics and video edit from Outlander (2015) Season 1 Episode 14 (s01e14). She has nice milky boobs! Laura Donnelly is an actress from Northern Ireland.

Check out one of the best scenes ever, Laura Donnelly nude spraying milk. She is topless in the woods, then taking her bare breast and starts milking it in the cup. The fappers are horny for the lactating women! Do you remember Kaya Scodelario milking on her Instagram pics?



Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-2 Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-3 Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-4 Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-5 Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-6 Laura-Donnelly-Boobs-7




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15 thoughts on “Laura Donnelly Nude – Outlander (7 Pics + GIF & Video)

    1. dirk

      How nice would it be if those titties were squeezed together and my wet cock sliding between them. So nice. Imagine how wet her pussy would be :)

  1. James

    Was that real milk? Or graphically added? The drip on her hand suggests it was real. If real, then she must be a lactating milf! YUM!

    1. James

      Found her interview quote regarding expressing milk:

      “We have a genius props department that managed to make a contraption that did the job, and it was incredible. I was quite blown away myself with how they were able to make that work! I was really up for it as soon as it was mentioned, because I just thought it was such a wonderful way of being able to show the truth and the reality of a post-pregnancy body. I thought that was probably a first on TV. We’re very used to seeing breasts displayed sexually on-screen, and I thought this was an opportunity to show breasts for what they’re really there for, in a completely nonsexual manner, that really turns the tables. It’s an absolute necessity at that point for her, and she doesn’t think twice about it. It’s not something that should be hidden away in any sense, and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. “


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