26 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Naked (12 Pics + Video)

  1. Shazbot

    Nasty flat ass weasel face with flap jacks. I’ll be skipping it. Nacho might like Bradley Cooper’s cock though …

      1. Spankmaster

        Fuck you too, you sad, fraudulent ass-fuck. Get back to licking out your mother’s used colostomy bag and I promise to electrocute you in letting the vacuum cleaner blowjob you…

    1. NIK

      I feel like there is a 50/50 chance here … she is either the most boring, basic “lays there like a board until it’s over”-kind of girl or the craziest, kinkiest bitch one could ever fuck, nothing in between.

    1. Spankeh

      He directed the film, so he probably had a big say in who he wanted to fuck…I reckon he could have done better….

  2. dave dominick

    Don’t like either Cooper or her. She’s unattractive……………..no matter how she presents herself she is NOT an attractive women. {He’d do anything to be SUCCESSFUL.}

  3. Lexington Dinglebottom

    She’s ugly inside and out, and her ties with Abramovic the kiddy fiddler and necrophile are too close for comfort. Typical though, they’re all of the same tribe.


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