Kitana Baker Nude And Sexy Collection (47 Photos + Video) [Updated]

Check out Kitana Baker’s nude photo and video collection below, including her topless scene from the film “Auto Focus” (2002).

Kitana Baker is an American actress and model. She was born on July 15, 1977, in Anaheim and raised in Riverside. She began modeling, posing for men’s magazines and erotic sites, and caught the Playboy magazine’s attention in February 2001.

The fappers liked the busty girl, and she began to appear on all sorts of television shows and then got small roles in movies. There also she showed her gorgeous breasts!

Kitana Baker Nude

Updated (27 Photos)


18 thoughts on “Kitana Baker Nude And Sexy Collection (47 Photos + Video) [Updated]

    1. Black and Proud!

      She’s got one of those early boob jobs from the 1980’s.

      They chopped off her nipples, stuffed in water bags,

      and then sewed the nipples back on. Ick!

  1. Georgia97

    I comment here using dozens of stupid names.
    I never say anything interesting or humorous.
    I’ll often agree with myself under another name.
    I’ll sometimes attack myself under another name.
    I am a virgin and my penis is shockingly small.

  2. Ralph

    We are all better for her willingness to exhibit the coin slot. A throwback to the days when you weren’t forcefed a giant, deformed-lookin ghetto ass.

    The video should be downloadable.

  3. The Voice Of Reason

    Those are some of the worst fake tits I’ve ever seen
    That show “Botched” is not a resume infomercial toots.

  4. Alfred Pederson

    According to Free Ones she made one porn movie for Massage Porn where she fucks her masseur. I watched it and it looks like her, plus Free Ones is usually pretty reliable! Found this out just by Googling her.


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