39 thoughts on “Katy Perry Sexy Collection – Part 2 (8 New Photos) [Updated]

      1. Spankmaster

        Don’t worry. You guys will eventually own up to your heterosexuality and fuck someone other than your mothers…

    1. Meghan Markle

      So you consider becoming a pariah to your own race winning? Interesting. I knew you guys set a low bar, but I didn’t realize how low.

        1. Handy

          Black cock = aids, no job, domestic abuse, constant wet dog and clay odor, and runs right after it impregnates you, bottom tier of every other race

          White cock = intelligence, high credit, reliable work, number fkn 1 on earth, best you can get

          1. Chester

            Correct, negros are the bane of existence. Every nation on earth controlled by negros is a devastated trash heap. Wakanda is fiction. Africa is a shithole.

  1. wawa

    Stop with these dumb collages, no one wants them or saves them. It’s just shitter’s desperate attempt to generate clicks. Something he wouldn’t need to do if he actually posted QUALITY women and not fat, pregnant, old, silicone filled skanks.

    1. Barney The Dinosaur

      I wholeheartedly agree. Once babies are dropping out of their cunt they are usually past their prime.

      Let’s get some young fresh pussy on these pages!

      Speaking of which, who’s the hot whore in your post post?

  2. POTUS Joe

    Did the Sexy pics get deleted or something? All I see are more current pics of Katy in a purple 1 piece. And let’s be honest here, Katy hasn’t been sexy since she got all feminist and chopped off her hair.

  3. Mrs.Loopy

    I’d love to get fucked by an entire football team one after another, I’d film it and sell it on the internet

  4. Barney The Dinosaur

    Someone needs to get this bitch on a harsh 24-7 no sleep workout to de-fatten this little piggy. She’s useless like this.

    Stick her on a treadmill in a tiny crop-top and exhaust the slut until the only fat left is where it needs to be – her tits!

  5. Dany Donair

    Hmmmmm I love to blow my babies batter all over those huge milky tits. I want her breast milk sooo bad. Put my black latino dick between those big white tits. Fat white women are soo sexy to me.

  6. Spankmaster

    Still a sexy MILF who needs to be fucked properly by me. All the hater fags will get serviced by the donkey, as that’s all they deserve…

  7. The Critic...

    If she didn’t sell her soul to become a rich singer, she would be just another fat white trash cashier at Walmart.

  8. James

    She had her chance to show those big sweater puppies, now she’s out of shape and old. No one cares, Katy cocktease.


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