62 thoughts on “Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Naked (16 Photos)

    1. Big dick rick

      Black boxes only make it look like she’s naked, two photos are the same but one has a black box, one doesn’t. It’s just more a rousing that way.

  1. Dizz

    Okay, i’m screaming faggotry here! She isn’t naked in any of the pics, so this is nothing but a sausage convention! I protest strongly!

  2. s.smith

    He’s naked,she’s not even topless so why would he take his shorts off,its just weird,she needs to drop him quickly although I’m sure he’s made a lot of gays very happy,lol

  3. Dicks

    I see every woman on twitter freaking out over this guy’s ”huge penis” and then when you see it it’s like a 6 incher.

    What the fuck is wrong with women?

    1. Dunno

      Because thats him when hes not even hard yet. Plus hes starred in so many good movies and tbh hes very attractive. Just stating the facts not gay though.

    2. anonnonnnnanon

      He isn’t even erect, are you retarded? 6 Inches Flacid=big dick when hard.

      Congrats on being a retard though.

      1. faggot

        what happens if he isn’t actually big when he’s hard? Just hard. This does also happen. Who sounds like the moron now?

  4. chris

    Wow I really did not need to see Orlando Bloom’s dick I was really trying to avoid looking at it but that’s all you could see on the corner of your eye .they should have just cut half of his ass out of the pictures or just don’t post pictures and put that on a gay site

  5. Apocalypse

    Wish she was naked would of been epic but this a statement more than likely.. Its not like you guys have to continuously look lol oh well

      1. STR8 OUT THE G8 is a fag

        STR OUT THE G8… Yeah, straight out of the gate onto some hard cock. You enjoyed these pics and you know it, be true to yourself. You’re the only “faggot” here. Keep watching your BBC porn you closested homo.

  6. thefappening.so fools you

    Guys, you read to CLICKBAIT headline wrong:
    It didn’t say:
    “Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom BOTH Naked”
    It said
    “Katy Perry AND Orlando Bloom Naked”
    And yeah! The black boxes just cover Katy’s bikini
    You could see a black box on her BACK on the second to last picture – just to cover the strap.

  7. AJ

    This confirms my previous remarks that this site has no issues with posting fake shit. She is never naked on these pictures. Black boxes are covering her bikini. What utter Bullshit. In stead of that this faggot shows us naked pictures of some average actor dude with a small dick.

  8. no, but no

    That is a small dick?!? Wtf is wrong with you people? Odds are that guys is dick is bigger than most of you guys. You are probably used to watching porn stars with mammoth cocks and thinking that shit is normal and average. That fucker isn’t even hard, probably half mast at best. I think most of you people are hating on him because his dick gets to be that close to Katy Perry. You guys are also probably angry because of how misleading the post title is (nothing new on this website, btw).

    1. Carlos T. Jackal

      They’re just jealous because that “little dick” has seen the inside of Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, and any number of teenage elf and/or pirate groupies.

    2. lelkek

      the funny thing is, he’s considered big because boys are being feminized and their dicks are being made smaller due to increased estrogen from young ages. So when a previously average comes along, he looks big. Congratz on a failing cuck country.

  9. Steve

    Why wouldn’t she take her top off, she’s got massive tits. must be different sizes or something like that. Let down

  10. Supreme Dick Tease

    So Katy is Orlando’s “Beard” WTF get naked already Katy! Let’s just hope the uncensored pics actually do exist.

  11. BB

    I have never laughed so much in my life with the comments above but they’re so true. Why is he naked and she’s not…so strange I really don’t get it. Hahahaha!

  12. CK

    After seeing these naked pictures of Orlando fucking Bloom, I think I lost all credibility with this website! This may be the last time I visit, especially if the “naked” pictures of Katy Perry are, in fact, fake. That’s just so wrong to play with men’s emotions and feelings this way.

  13. DoubleUpDollas

    In the fappening’s defense, they show celebrity leaked pics. While i was disappointed in not seeing Katy’s glorious body in the buff, I’m more angry at not seeing Brittany Furlan’s nudes. Im not mad cuz my cock is bigger. I’d fuck all of his exes better. Now, i want to see someh acked pics of FEMALE celebrities. More ethnic areolas. And CELEBRITIES. I dont know half the slags you’re posting. Live from Chicago

  14. French Stallion

    Grose… His ugly dick is so weird ! It looks like a fish hook ! When I see this laughable tiny awfull thing, I’m know I would destroy Miranda’s and Katy’s pussy. Money CAN buy you goddesses but not fuck talent. Katy must be so bored in bed with this fagget. She must be sucking his ugly thing in the dark…

  15. Nick

    Sure, show the weiner and black out any hint of a tittie, this is bs, whoever is responsible for this can burn I’m hell


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