50 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Nude Leaked The Fappening (7 Photos)

      1. D

        She had to dump the Penthouse in Manhattan, NYC due to the constant rioting, looting and killings on or really close to her Manhattan home.

        She also lost a ton of money on the home…….I believe a lot the rich are fleeing UNC and going a bit north of the city.

        1. Joshua

          There weren’t any marches, riots, or protests on the Upper East Side. That’s one of the richest zip codes in this country. You can even look at maps of where the marches happened, and you can see that they very clearly avoided the upper east and upper west sides. Why? Because then the national guard would’ve come in. I’m assuming you don’t live here in NYC.

    1. M

      I wonder how many people just thought “what a weird creep” and din’t notice the name. It’s actually just low level trolling.

    1. Your Fantasies Are Bizarre

      Yeah and your mother gave me an hour long blumpkin while I took my morning shit. I could, no doubt, prove my statement more easily.

    2. klawicki

      You idiots realize that hey biggest roles were in movies that Weinstein had absolutely nothing to do with, right? She had just ONE movie that he produced

      1. Biff

        Your stupid ass does realize that people do favors and are friends in that industry, right? Harvey doesn’t have to put her in movies that his studio runs. He makes calls and deals. They trade favors, holy shit you’re naive. How come her career has taken a dive since he went down? Why did he name her as one of the many actresses he had sex with? If he were to lie then how come he hasn’t named so many more names? Obviously, he made tons of careers otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten away with doing what he did for 20-30 years. Everyone in the business knew about it too. Shows you how shady Hollywood really is. These pedos supporters used to thank Harvey and call him “God” and give Roman Polanski standing ovations while acting like Trump is so evil because he said something mean. That’s how dumb they are… words > actions.

    1. Chris

      WTF are you talking about? One sentence you’re bashing Lawrence, next you’re bashing Harvey. You spend 30 years in the business because you know how to work the system. Harvey got laid because he was good at taking advantage of a girl who wanted to be more then nothing. Take any part of his side you’ll be reminded of what you are.

  1. show me the cunny

    I see the sharpening and brightness increase still can’t find a vagina :(

    All those fappening pics and not one clear vag shot.

    1. Oz

      Really, pussy? Because you’re the only faggot here who’s white knighting a known whore. Which is something only lonely virgins do. Most the people you called “faggot” could kick your ass and pull in more pussy than you. Not that it would be hard to.

    1. Stormin Norman

      No, she just has no bush, but the bare look is perfect on her. All I need to see if Christina Aguilera’s naked ass and Jessica Simpson’s tits and I can die a happy man.

  2. Stormin Norman

    These pics always get reposted and yet I every time I still fap to them. I wonder who was the lucky guy she rode after taking these pics.

  3. klawicki

    All you fucking idiots DO realize that Harvey Weinstein produces just ONE of her movies, right? And not her biggest roles. Or he pre-superstardom roles.

  4. Seriously

    That’s when she was beautiful and not fully brainwashed by the satanists that runs Hollywood

  5. Doppelgänger

    Wow she does kind of look like me, more so naked. Only, I’m prettier and not as tall. That guy at the bar was correct after all

  6. Ash

    Harvey’ Weinsteins Cum dumpster…before that she was no one…Harvey cums a few times and she is the limelight of Hollywood


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