Dita Von Teese Nude (7 Photos)

The Queen Of Burlesque Dita Von Teese showed her full frontal in a nude photo shoot by Craig Morey (2001).

This woman is unique! Since 1992, Dita doesn’t change any makeup or hair, very rarely appearing with another styling, and carefully protects the skin from sunburn.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ditavonteese/

Dita Von Teese Nude

32 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese Nude (7 Photos)

  1. ben

    I saw her perform a couple of years ago and she still looks the same. Stop tanning too much ladies. Dita figured it out.

    1. The man who knows`

      wtf are you talking about, they are normal size, maybe you wish they were little boy hands, but she has woman hands

  2. Hector

    WTF was she wearing before taking the photographs – a straight jacket. Look at the marks all over her body. Total weirdo, with nice tits.

    1. S4M

      ^This^ and after all these years of being a “Burlesque” tease she goes full frontal nude when she is an old scrag because she realizes her relevance is fading along with her looks, much like Jennifer Aniston.

    1. dirtydan

      There is video of her out there in some light lez action, she takes some toys. So you can definitely see if you want. Think it was a Michael Scott shoot from years back.

  3. Lobo

    Not quite a model. Not quite a pornstar. Not quite a celebrity. Not quite a lesbian.

    Yeah, she looks very good on these photos, but they’re not exactly recent, are they?


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