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Angela Kinsey Nude – Half Magic (7 Pics + GIF & Video)

The gif from the video below features actress Angela Kinsey’s nude boobs and butt from the movie “Half Magic” (2018) expertly color-corrected.

The blonde is undressing, so you first see her bare shoulders, followed by a naked look from the side as a man looks at her while she stands by a bed. You see her left tit and bare butt, and after a bit, the man stands up to kiss her before turning her and laying her down on the bed with him.

Angela Faye Kinsey (born June 25, 1971) is an American actress. She is known for playing Angela Martin in the series “The Office” (2005–2013). She also appeared in the sitcoms “Your Family or Mine” (2015) and “Haters Back Off” (2016–2017).


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