16 thoughts on “Betty White Naked (7 Photos)

  1. charles

    Thankfully she isn’t 93 in the photos! I wonder how many soldiers jerked off to this during world war 2? Must have made some of our great grandfathers very happy!

  2. Mickey Varco

    I never realized what a figure betty white was back in her days’ it short’ve reminds me how attractive bettie page was also back in the days, betty white seems to be a sweet old lady’ so let’s try to remember how she looked in these photos. Let’s just keep that part in your mind as your private time to remember her on how she was than’ it’s never too late to still jurk off on them now, maybe I’m not too late to try.

      1. darkhorse

        Because even if they were’t fictional they would have of course had a cell phone! It was a humorous comment meant to elude to the start of creation… I wasn’t actually expecting there to be one! Jesus (also fictional?)

  3. Will

    For years, I’ve noticed that Betty White seems to effortlessly cross politically correct (sexuality) lines in her acting roles that others actors won’t even consider approaching. I’ve always suspected that some time before I was born, she was quite a hot bombshell. (Isn’t that the term they used back then?) These visual images definitely confirm it.

    …and knowing that my hunch was correct in Betty’s case I’ll listen a little more carefully to my intuition as I meet new people (women) in my life. Thanks for shining a light on this hidden area of our humanity, Betty. Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman. Go Betty!

  4. Sudipto sarkar

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  5. Mort

    I throw her an ounce or 2 of hot nut-juice on that pretty face. What a cute ass too. Would love to suck her pussy and asshole


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