Bella Thorne Nude Leaked Fappening (4 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2021 Here

Bella Thorne shared a few nude “leaked” The Fappening photos from an anonymous hacker on Twitter, 06/15/2019. Maybe we’ll see nude pictures and videos of her and other celebrities. Or it’s good PR. Anyway, we’re happy with her bare tits!


Bella Thorne Nude Leaked

80 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Nude Leaked Fappening (4 Photos)

      1. BellaYuck

        Aparently (have to stay in the lime light. She used to look ok, now she just looks like like your typical washed up influncer. Waits for porn career.

    1. Sheldon

      Or her ex with down syndrome did it because he sounds pretty jilted, and threatened to sell her stuff on eBay, now he says a joke, just to motivate her to pick her crap up. Still her used undies would sell high on eBay.

    2. John Do3

      Well it turns out she dis in fact leak these herself. Just so she could “could have the power over a hacker” who was apparently trying to blackmail her. Yeah right, she’s just a whore who wanted to leak her nudes.

      1. Your friends dad

        You’re just a weirdo with your dick in your hand fapping to leaked nudes on the internet. Don’t get too high and mighty now lol

    3. None Ya Business

      They weren’t leaked. She posted them herself, after someone tried blackmailing her with them.

  1. Jacky dawg

    As rough as she is, this slut has been teasing for years about time we see what she has to offer. I probs still would nail it

    1. ballen

      maybe she decided to fuck him so he would not leak the rest :P
      she seem like a person that would just go “meeh, what is another dick”

      1. Your friends dad

        Oh you wish, probably bc no one irl wants to suck that little crusty weiner in your smelly pants. It’s ok though, keep fantasizing about the women you find attractive being whores to make you feel better about your shortcummings. It’s not hurting anybody I guess… just kinda weird you’d advertise being a little chode!

  2. Ebbie

    Work must be drying up for Maitland Ward’s apprentice.
    She is one economic downturn away from Farrah Abraham.

  3. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Bella Thorne has the potential to be incredibly sexy and a lot of times she is but she also regularly looks to be one missed shower away from having lice and crabs.

  4. Omnibus

    Yes, yes. For some reason, you don’t like her As A Celebrity. You have a tendency to erroneously slut-shame her and falsely claim that she has some sort of personal hygiene problem. That just is what it is.

    But nothing, NOTHING changes the incontrovertible fact that, given the opportunity, You Would Fuck Her.

    1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

      Totally depends on her hygiene. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick if she smelled like an eastern European. We aren’t in Disneyland, blue waffle isn’t as fun as it sounds.

    2. stanley stupor

      Not necessarily my boy. Not necessarily. Before I put it in her I’d want to do about a 30 minute interview asking very pointed questions, “who have you been with”…….”how long ago”……..”what is her sexual history”……….”what is his sexual history”……….”have you ever had any sexually transmitted disease”………..”when?” If everything checked out and the feeling I got was that she was candid and telling the truth and I felt comfortable I might sleep with her. If I didn’t. I wouldn’t. There’s a lot of other girls besides Bella Thorne in this world.

  5. Brian Spenser

    Dear celebrities:

    If you don’t want your shit to get hacked….Don’t use Apple products.

    Everyone of these dumbfucks use iphones, icloud, ipads. There is a reason why Apple computers are not used in companies unless you are a graphic artist or music mixer…Because once an Apple device has bluetooth enabled anyone can hack it in a few easy steps.

    Everyone pretty much knows it by now so if some dumbass celebrity is still getting their pictures hacked its because they want it to happen.

    1. debit none

      Apple automatically uploads all pics to icloud unless you turn it off. Which they never do. Even though they are a celb and they know there are nude pics and they know that said pics are uploaded to icloud.

    2. Mike

      You’re an idiot. No one is hacking into iPhones via bluetooth. Most of these “hacks” are just celebrities using dumb passwords and not using 2FA.

  6. Jeff

    When i see a great big cock sucking with that tongue i’ll jerk off many times a day. Love puffy point up nipples, great tits & belly. Not a fan big hairy bush, trim it down, keep lips clit clean clear for landing.

  7. SallGoodmann

    Hell yeah ive been waiting for this for a long time I was thinking the other day when is bell ever gonna leak her own nudes or have a Snapchat/IG Slip. I hope it’s true what she is saying about the other clebs I hope there will be another mass fappening but maybe she made it all up after all she is the biggest attention whore…and the biggest regular whore too

  8. Dave B.

    The gender reassignment surgery went well then. No photos of the bottom half? Maybe she hasn’t got that done yet.

  9. little birdy

    these are fucking old, this bitch does nipple slips all the time on snap chat, what an attention whore, ohh my nudes got leacked, no you have no power over me ill leak my own nudes, what a stupid bitch lol, thinks she is doing a power move lmao, all her nipples and bush pucs are online anyway from her whoring days,

  10. Dear Autists

    It’s so pathetic that these celebrities have to post all this shit and make it all public themselves since you dumbasses couldn’t hack into a paper bag if your lives depended on it.
    I see this site is still a shithole cause of you morons lol

  11. Stef

    I could not want Bella more. I want to lick her hairy armpits while I penetrate her hairy pussy with my hard dick

  12. Sal

    Amazing how all of her other pics are good focus and hi resolution, (and I’ll admit she looks good in many of them) and yet here we get a couple of grainy nip slips from the “hack.”

  13. Carl bologna

    You really believe it’s her? The nipple ring is on the left it’s on the right in all her other pics


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