10 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Enjoys Her Birthday Party (11 Photos)

  1. The Voice Of Reason

    Oh Christ. Not this pizza face hypocrite again. She’s as bad as Rose McGowan.
    Bitching about respect for women, the objectification of women and the violation of private pic hacks and yet…posts crap like this because she’s so fugly without 3 lbs of makeup to fill in the dark side of the moon of her face it’s the only way her talentless, attention whore-assed ego can get any attention.
    Bitch, go peddle your crazy-ass agenda at Rose’s…we’re full up here.

  2. Captain Fantastic

    People work their asses off and have trouble paying their rent, and this no-talent bimbo has a net worth of millions. No fucking justice.

    1. TAJA

      Welcome to the world of female privilege where all they have to do is look sexy on camera and pathetic simps make them rich.

  3. Trutherbob

    Another year of her being terrified to actually show her tits, while more successful models and actresses have no problem with it.

    Plus she has the face of a man. There, I said it.


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