Antje Koch Nude – Pastewka (22 Pics + GIF & Video)

The Nudogram video, screenshots, and GIF below feature German actress Antje Koch’s full frontal nude scene from the TV show “Pastewka” (2018) Season 8 Episode 2 (s08e02), where you can see her naked body outdoors, while she’s talking with other people with or without clothes. Birge Schade and unknown actors are here!

Antje Koch Naked



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25 thoughts on “Antje Koch Nude – Pastewka (22 Pics + GIF & Video)

    1. Dieter aka Spunkmeister and all the other fake names

      Lol, my bad. I meant I love those men’s asses. I especially love the cock and balls.

      1. Spunkmeister

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  1. smokeybones420

    Im assuming this is a show about a nudist colony?
    Who knows.
    Shes not bad looking though.
    Just wish she had a little fur left over the snatch. Not a fan of the complete hair removal.

    1. Thol

      It‘s a regular (as in not very good) sitcom in regular TV airing in the not too early evening hours and in this one episode the main guy gets kicked out by his wife drives of with his RV and accidentally finds himself in a nudist camping site … haha … so funny …… hahaha…

  2. debit none

    She’s not particularly hot and her body isn’t amazing. So that’s not good. BUT What she does have going for her is that she she’s natural and normal looking enough that she could easily be your neighbor’s wife, the girl next to you on the bus, or the girl in line in front of you at Starbucks every morning when you buy coffee. Attractive, for sure, and looks like she could be a lot of fun. She’s an ordinary looking girl that losers like us think we have got a chance with. But let’s not confuse her with some of the really hot women that are pictured here

  3. James

    @debit none

    You think all women should look like supermodels in magazines? I think she’s perfectly natural. Better than most others posted in here. I definitely would not kick her out of my bed for eating crackers.


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