23 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Sexy (18 Pics + Gifs & Video)

  1. wawawe

    i wonder if the body is CGI. She’s conceited and shallow enough to where that would be likely. She also gets massive budgets for videos. Jerking off to computer enhanced bodies confuses my pp.

  2. Capt'n Obvious

    There’s no way that’s her body in the nude suit.

    Her tits in every pap shot are as flat as a Dutch ski slope.

  3. Severin

    Bitch. Cunt. A fucking high school mean girl, a Heather, a Regina George. I want her to ride me hard in cowgirl. Maybe slap me a few times. Then we can switch to 69 so I can eat her cunt while she makes herself gag loudly on my cock over and over again.

  4. Wolfie

    Poor Taylor Swift. She keeps trying so hard to be sexy but it’s not gonna happen until she does something about that awful wolf face of her.

  5. Nico

    Actually she has a boob job now, so is very possible that’s her body. Maybe with a little bit of CGI but the body form is from her. The old “No boob” Swift is gone now.

  6. carl

    LOL i would never accept or even consider making myself hotter for a video, specially with the media on her side its like “hey, the video is awesome, but you’re too skinny here, let me do something” “see? much better”

    1. klawicki

      You should probably learn about feminism before embarrassing yourself. At no point do feminists say that women shouldn’t get implants.


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