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Sandra Prikker Nude & Sexy (250 Photos)

Here’s a new big nude and sexy photo collection of Sandra Prikker. Sandra Prikker is a 28-year-old Dutch fitness model and personal trainer.

She’s gaining more and more popularity on the Internet due to her unusual appearance. Many people believe that she managed to achieve the golden mean between average sexual athleticism and femininity, which allowed her to become a new sex icon on popular sites. It seems, Sandra has proven many girls, that femininity can be a bit more militant, but incredibly attractive.

Look at that muscular body and the impressive abs! She’s a former kickboxer, and has more than 3.4 million people on her Instagram. Sandra’s subscribers believe that the muscular doesn’t spoil her, Sandra’s body is perfect, and she’s an example of femininity and sexuality.

Sandra Prikker has been involved in kickboxing since she was 14 years old and appeared at competitions until she had to stop her sports career because of an accident. Sandra is known primarily as a star of social networks. Recently, Sandra moved to the United States, where she works as a fitness model, cooperates with the manufacturers of sports nutrition BioTech USA, Fitonomy, and is engaged in the design of clothing for the company Body Engineer. Previously, Sandra was represented by ShredZ. Not so long ago was launched Sandra’s website, where she sells her fitness programs, health and nutrition tips.

We hope to see her The Fappening content or more candid professional photo shoots. Send us if you see something interesting!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandraprikker/

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