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Josephine Gillan, Marina Lawrence-Mahrra, Lucy Aarden Nude – Game of Thrones (10 Pics + GIF & Video)

Watch Marina Lawrence-Mahrra, Josephine Gillan, and Lucy Aarden’s nude scene from “Game of Thrones” (2019) Season 8 Episode 1 (s08e01), where you can see three little-known naked actresses in bed with Jerome Flynn (Bronn). That’s a good start!

Josephine: https://www.facebook.com/Josephine-Gillan-1429095274005854/
Marina: https://www.instagram.com/marina_antoinette_lm/
Lucy: https://www.instagram.com/lucy_aarden/

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Naked In The Game Of Thrones (129 Videos)

We’ve collected 129 videos with naked celebs from all the seasons Game of Thrones on the occasion of the 8th season start. Enjoy the Show!

Season 1

At the castle Winterfell, Lord Ned Stark (Sean Bean) is living a relatively simple life with his wife, Lady Catelyn (Michelle Fairley), and their 5 children. That all changes when they receive word that the Hand of the King, the King’s closest advisor, has been murdered. King Robert (Mark Addy) arrives with his wife, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), and family to ask Ned to become the new Hand and join families with the King. The Queen’s brother Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) wastes no time, heading to the local red-light for a roll in the hay with Ros (Esmé Bianco). Ros is wearing nothing but a smile and a belt, showing off bountiful boobs, buns and bush. Those turrets will have you charging!

Across the sea, Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) begins his plan to take back the crown he believes is rightfully his by marrying off his sister, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), to local warlord leader Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). Viserys undresses Daenerys to skinspect her body for her upcoming marriage, revealing her creamy coconuts and can. This blushing bride will have you taking out your wedding tackle!

Daenerys and Khal Drogo are married and she receives a wedding gift of priceless petrified dragon eggs. They consummate their marriage on the cliffs with Daenerys’s dainty dumplings front and center.

Back at Winterfell, Ned’s son, Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright), is climbing a tower on the castle grounds when he comes across Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) unsheathing his sword with his sister Queen Cersei. We get a quick look at the Queen’s trembling tush, unfortunately the work of a body double. Jaime decides to cover up their affair by throwing Bran off the tower.

With the bevy of bouncing beauties in this show, your sword is definitely going to need a polishing!

S01E01 Scene 1 “Ros” (Esme Bianco)

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Naked In The Game Of Thrones (66 GIFs)

The sixth season of The Game of Thrones comes soon. Lets remember whose naked bodies we have already seen. Here are all the major and minor characters: Melisandre of Asshai, Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Queen Cersei Lannister, Ygritte, Missandei, Osha, Brienne of Tarth, Shae, Myranda, Mirelle, Ros, Daisy, Talisa Stark, Doreah, Marei and some nameless whores.

The sixth season starts April 24. Whose tits would you like to see?

naked in game of thrones_

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