38 thoughts on “Tabria Majors – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. ssubermensh

    These pictures need to be on every billboard in Africa, so that the starving monkey children there can see what happened to their cousins who suffered the “terrible” fate of getting snapped for slaves.

  2. Wiggles

    SI lost all credibility when they folded to politics and started catering to diversity over the best swimsuit bodies they could find. Ridiculous! This girl is diabetes in a bikini.

  3. JayJay

    A 250lbs woman posing for SPORTS Illustrated. This fat bitch looks like she’s never watched a sports match from her couch because it makes her sweat, let alone participated in one.

  4. shane

    Are we in Arkansas? Is there a calling of the pigs?
    What’s with all the fat unhealthy women? I mean seriously, just because SI messed it all up doesn’t mean you have to as well

  5. WTF

    WTF is this shit?! As stated the name of the magazine is Sports Illustrated, meaning athletes. Perhaps competition eating has become a sport. Enough of the politically correct shit already.

  6. debts paid

    First time comment here but there was a collective decision after Charlottesville to be more inclusive and diverse in the media – that’s why every commercial on TV these days is an interracial couple or gay couple, every newspaper story focuses on the pink pus8y hats marching around like lunatics, and so forth. It’s pure, unadulterated anti-Trump TDS. It has now gone so far, so extreme, that SI now is alientating its own neanderthal drooling Trump voting base by putting high blood pressure bad knees internal organ compressed type 2 diabetic ‘models’ in bikinis on the cover of their magazine as a way to show their *resistance* for trump. I feel happy for ms. type 2 being a SI model – some dudes are probably into her – but most of the SI reading public – at least those that look at the swimsuit issue – are totally not into this. If they wanted to look at a morbidly obese women, they would just look at their wife.

  7. Ren

    The fucking Liberals are using the great annual male-fantasy tradition to further their campaign to undermine or ridicule male sexuality.

  8. Mark williams

    I’m sure more than half of the guys on here are fat as well or if they are lucky enough to get a girl she is also fat or fatter than this girl. Beside all that though I bet almost all the guy on her who make fun of these woman weight or having plastic surgery would still fuck them if they had a real chance.

  9. 88

    This is NOT ok! She’s not even rapeable. This must be the worst nightmare for a serialkiller, how to get rid of the body after killing her?!? To big for a shallow grave, to big being dumped and dissolved in acid in a oil drum and chopping her up would take forever! Lucky for her…

  10. peter dobson

    Kill the Whales!!!!! Black or Whites WHALES. Just shoot them please. It’s better for them and for nature. Be human.


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