Sophie Turner’s Pokies (4 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Braless Sophie Turner arrives at the Flaunt and Guess celebration of the Alternative Facts Issue in Los Angeles, 04/11/2017. Pierced nipple! Sophie Turner is English actress (X-Men: Apocalypse – 2016). Age – 21 years old (born February┬á21, 1996).



19 thoughts on “Sophie Turner’s Pokies (4 Photos)

    1. Body mods lover

      To me there is nothing wrong with piercing your body parts. To call ladies with body parts piercing whores, you are wrong and you need to say sorry to each and everyone of them.

  1. Jesus

    Fuck! Stop destroying your fucking tits with those fucking nipple piercings. That shit is ugly as hell. Who started this shitty trend should rot in hell. And now all the bitches want that shit. fuck this.

    1. AGirlHasNoSay

      Chill out man. Nipple piercings are hot as fuck. She’s got her navel pierced too. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s got a VCH if she’s a fan of piercing. Hot <3 I'd lick that good <3

    2. v1adimir

      Hey, piercings (and tattoos!) are gr8 (!) to see – just like bad language, also 4 example – because, in this way, you know -exactly- who you’re dealing with!..:)

  2. CK

    This is one I’ve been wanting to see naked for so long. I can’t believe she’s one of the few main stars of “Game of Thrones” that’s managed NOT to do nudity up to this point. What, does she have a no nudity clause in her contract or what?

    1. peter dobsonj

      As a matter of fact she does!!!!! She said so on a american talkshow. Not in so many words of course but the message was clear: no nudity.

    2. Jack

      She was like 14 when she started on the show and her character’s age just turned 18 in the show numb nuts.

  3. jdfasd

    Nipple piercings like clit piercings like nose piercings are fuckin ugly as shit. In fact shit looks better than these piercings.


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