Sophie Turner Sexy (64 Photos)

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August is the time when all the Fappening stars fly away on vacation. Sophie Turner (22) and Joe Jonas (29) decided a bit for a holiday – paparazzi caught actress and musician in the pool at the hotel in Miami, 08/13/2018.

The young couple enjoys a day at the Delano Hotel pool. The pair were seen packing on the PDA while taking a dip in the pool after a couple of drinks. Joe who is celebrating his 29th birthday on the 15th, also enjoyed a cigar as they relaxed with friends.

The star of “Game of Thrones,” by the way, has a super hot figure! We’re still waiting for these two to get married. They reported about the engagement on Instagram in October 2017.


22 thoughts on “Sophie Turner Sexy (64 Photos)

  1. Jeremy Fucking Clarkson

    I mean, it’s ok, but not “super hot”. I’ve just been to Magaluf and there were thousands on the beach better than this. But none probably quite as rich, so maybe that’s the attraction.

  2. RichChineseMan

    I remember in 2016, I pictured with her in my office. back then when she was very sporting and friendly. now she is very arrogant and couple with fat fuck, mongoloid looking ass. RIP Miss Sophia Turdner. You tatto bitch

  3. Wet tshirt Inspector #3

    Wtf is that shirt made of it should’ve been a wet tshirt with boobs and nipples. Those tattoos are ridiculously done

  4. wtf

    Her ass is disappointing. That midget dude is making her hunch over and you can see the arch in her back from it. You can tell he cares about tits and not ass so she isn’t doing any squats to keep them looking good. Her tattoos mirror his (placement). This manlet is literally bringing her down. She went from a high 9 to like a low 7 here. That’s an ass of a 70 year old grandma.

  5. James T. Kirk

    She’s packing on pounds and they’re going to the right places… For now… Those pounds aren’t doing any favors for her ass though. Joe better bang the hell out of her now because it’s a tough road ahead. The garbage tats aren’t helping either.

  6. ballen

    she is not doing nudes in last season of game of thrones with that body, i guess our last hope lie with maise williams will do a nude scene to trick someone before she kill him in the last season of got.

  7. Rucovrd

    She has a cute girl next door look, but why-o-why the tiny, terrible random tats? Ughhh! Make an ink statement or nothing at all. Sadly, her thighs & booty have taken on the look of the mashed potatoes she’s been eating. Reduce that body fat and get to the gym and tone girl! With her stature and a fit and trim body…she could have a stellar presence.

    1. James T. Kirk

      Nah she’s getting Marvel money. Those checks don’t end. Catch her in X-Men 109: Geriatric Mutants.

      1. Spanky McSpankerton

        She won’t be getting anymore X-Men money once Disney and Marvel reboot X-Men and she is re-cast

  8. Ippon

    Once she gets past that manlet and discover that there are more interesting men, she’ll go the L Lohan route.

  9. Troll

    Well, I have to agree with the comment.
    I thought the comment is really harsh at first but then I’ve been suppressing my own harshness because I like her in GOT. The photos here though downgrades that and the comment section is just the harsh truth.
    She’s what? 21? She should be on her prime and hitting her goddess. It will only get worse as she aged. Too sad.

  10. MG

    She’s 22 now and at the peak of her physical appearance – better get some leaked nude pics soon alias Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Benoist.

  11. Bill Dill

    A dermatologist’s dream – or nightmare. Blemishes, moles, cellulite, bruises, scribble tats, warts/skintags- all she has to do now is add scars, needle tracks, stretch marks, &
    varicose veins and she’s hit for the cycle and won the Winehouse Trifecta. Her two-fisted drinking shows she’s off to a fine start.


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