54 thoughts on “Sophie Turner Sexy (29 Photos)

      1. NickTheNortherner

        Well then that makes you a cuck as well. According to your logic anyone who isn’t fucking her is a cuck. So, welcome to the club, cuck.

  1. Bobofromyellowstone

    Lol what a manlet. Who cares who he is, how can anyone see a guy 2 inches shorter than his girlfriend and not laugh?

  2. Turlough

    By christ, she must need a lot of sun block when she’s out and about. Such a shame she’s the only member of the Game of Thrones cast who doesn’t take her kit off.

    1. Badboll

      she was underage when she started I believe, so depending on what her contract says, it probably has nothing about requiring her to be nude when she turned 18 because giving such a contract to a minor seems dodgy at best. So she will probably never be nude on GoT unless she herself wants to.

  3. Jay

    I didn’t even notice the boyfriend until after I read the comments lol. Why are all you faggots focused on that dude when there’s an extremely hot piece of ass to look at?

  4. Orpheus

    She is whiter then snow (not that Snow).
    With those big ass binoculars, they can see the camera man’s nose hair LOL. Why would they carry that around?

    1. Jaswars1

      I know what a tool and how does she see anything in that twat Joe Jonas HAHA Sophie dump him. aww no worries it will happen.

  5. ballen

    lol and she like arab boys that are smaller than her 😛

    but good to see that she for once used something to hold up her titties

  6. Bang Her Out, Joe

    At least he’s banging her out. On TMZ they showed them out and about and they showed that she had “Joe gives me the good good” written on her hand lol. Obviously he wrote it but sill.

  7. kuiken

    Lmao, of all the people in the world why the fuck did she pick Jonas-medium? Motherfucker looks weird..
    At least Sophie’s hot af

  8. No

    “Hello police? Yes I’m rich & famous and there’s somebody with a camera reminding me of the downside of that. I want it stopped”

    1. The Guy

      called privacy everybody deserves a little. Even the attractive and famous. So says the guy on site dedicated to violating the privacy of celebs

  9. AGirlHasNoSay

    Honestly if she’s parading around town with that on her hand that’s pretty kinky. I wonder if she gets up to som BDSM in the privacy of home. She’s fuckin’ hot: I’d sure as hell tie her down and fill her up >:3

  10. My2Cents

    This kinda shit actually pisses me off. They can’t be left alone to enjoy themselves without shit stains taking pictures, probably from a boat? Fuck leave these people…fuck it. She’s hot thanks for the pics.


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