6 thoughts on “Sofia Richie Sexy (16 Photos)

  1. @realDonaldTrump

    Scott disick is a great American! He’s no doubt showing her how to MAGA multiple times each day! Of course, Sofia Richie is no Ivanka! If she weren’t my daughter I would date her!

  2. MaRtY

    Funny. Look at one of the middle pics. It looks like the guy is going to open his shorts and drop his nuts on douche bags forehead. And yes, I would do bad and heinous things to her baby maker.

    1. Stfu

      Pretty sure he’s not going to try to sexually assault Scott in public while having his picture taken. Always the jealous losers who like to talk shit.

  3. #PlanB all the way!

    Well yeah of course he’s happier, he’s with this hottie and not around assholes trying to tell him how much he can and can’t drink and not with the 3 or 4 annoying kids daily. I’m around 1 kid everyday and that shit gets annoying as fuck. Birth control is a life saver! Good for you Scott.
    #WeekendDad #DoingWhatIWant #KidsWontDragMeDown


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