Shannon Elizabeth Nude – Dish Dogs (23 Pics + GIF & Video)

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Shannon Elizabeth’s nude pre-boob job scenes from the movie “Dish Dogs.”

Shannon Elizabeth Fadal is an American actress, formerly a model. She gained popularity after the release of comedies “American Pie,” “Scary Movie,” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Also known for her roles in the horror movies “Thirteen Ghosts,” “Cursed,” and “Night of the Demons.” After playing the role of Czech girl Nadia in “American Pie” has become widely known as a sex symbol.


Shannon Elizabeth Nude

Morgan (Sean Astin) and Jason (Matthew Lillard) are best friends, they understand each other perfectly. Guys are easy-going, do not care about tomorrow and most of all hate boring stability. They don’t stay long anywhere. All the free time fans of surf go to the beach.

But one day on their way there is a beauty stripper, Anne (Shannon Elizabeth). It seems the brotherhood of the two romantic vagabonds has come to an end.





14 thoughts on “Shannon Elizabeth Nude – Dish Dogs (23 Pics + GIF & Video)

    1. Charles Beefcurtains

      And when I say beef curtains I mean man sack. Love the tea bagging. Boys hit me up under this fake name or all my others. I’m a needy little attention whore, so you know them by now. What isn’t fake is that I love the cock.

  1. JrSalami

    Clearly she didn’t fuck the right people in hollywood…with her body and beauty she should have had a better career.

  2. Lobo

    I dunno… I see where you’re comming from. I prefer natural girls myself, but I think the implants she got looked good on her. I agree: they weren’t perfect, they totally looked like a boobjob, but, i mean, they weren’t grotesque frankenboobs either. We’re not talking Tara Reid here.

    Too bad her fucking husband didn’t learn to share as a kid and wanted them D cups for himself. That’s too bad; I’ve seen uglier women being successful in Hollywood


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