24 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Sexy (3 New Photos)

  1. Save Selena

    Selena is looking busted up. She needs to lay off of the cocaine. You’d think needing rehab and a kidney transplant would have taught her by now. But it seems she will continue going down this junkie road until her beauty and health have all but deteriorated. Sad!

    1. efergde34

      Silly little boy. You obviously have no idea how those medications she is on make you feel and what they do to your body. Shes basically on mild chemo therapy all the time. Her immune system needs to be suppressed all the time. She is on a cocktail or strong medications. Shes not on cocaine.

    1. Sisko

      Anyone who sucks nigger dick is mentally ill. Why do you wanna put something in your mouth that looks and smells exactly like a peice of shit? Shes rich and famous, and could get any white guy she wants (except me, shes a fat pig). Have fun dying from AIDS, unless a nigger murders her first.

  2. VR

    She’s very mediocre. Not sure I get Beiber’s love of her. I bet he could have everything he wants. Why take a short, flat chick that barely sings?

    1. Wolf

      Y’all are all trash acting like y’all perfect so what she has a mole on her boobs. Talking shit to feel better about yourself

  3. Patriots4eva

    SO much hate on this site. Attractiveness is perspective. Some think she’s beautiful, some don’t. She’s a celebrity, so it’s fair to express your opinions on her looks as I’m sure she’s used to it, but why so much hate and nastiness?

  4. Andy

    That’s why things going worst because many of you dumb children adopted a dumb and wrong Weinstein attitude, but its time to wake up and actually realize that it’s on us to show some respect and try to improve
    in a better way the world nowadays
    And what if you better learn to express appreciation for a girl in other way? And young man, you will understand that respect is on basic and any true girl know it, you gotta understand it one day.


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